Monthly Archives: April 2013

— Brett Plummer, SEQH Group

SEQH Group implemented the OBM Program September 2010. “IAP and on-board mass monitoring have enabled SEQH to achieve substantial productivity improvements in the movement of grain from Toowoomba to the Port of Brisbane and empty containers to the transport depot on Fisherman Islands.” “Transtech have been an excellent partner in the provision of support of […]

Transtech to support Certified Telematics Service

Following the recent launch of the Certified Telematics Service (CTS) from Transport Certification Australia (TCA), Transtech will be offering immediate support for the CTS. Australia’s leading provider of integrated mobile transport solutions and compliance solutions will assist potential program operators with expertise and technology to underpin the Certified Telematics Service. Transtech is an established provider […]

— Cameron Murcutt, Patrick

“Patrick pride ourselves on customer service, which is stated as one of our core business values.” “Our dealings with Transtech over the past 3 years have shown that our mobility supplier also takes great pride in providing prompt and efficient customer service.” “Our requests range from simple fleet configurations to more complex requirements for both […]

— Peter Hart, Managing Director, Grain Hart

“My experience with Transtech did not stop after purchasing their products, it’s still going. Nothing is a problem, they have a genuine sense of care and are always willing to assist me, no matter how big or small.” “I recommend Transtech to anyone who wants a “one for all” product. They made it easy for […]