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— Adrian Colonico, Chemtrans (Scott Corporation)

Transtech’s technology has had a great uptake with our drivers and staff. The end-to-end integration of compliance has allowed for real-time visibility into driver fatigue, driving habits and even such simple things as automating the pre-trip checklists. It has made safety and compliance a simpler task.

— Chris Wettenhall, Wettenhall Logistics VIC

The IAP ensures that operators remain compliant and allows for improvement in productivity. Transtech Driven have been very supportive and given great advice when needed both on technical and operational support.

Prime Mover “Transtech releases new Easydocs technology”

Transtech is introducing Easydocs an application for transport operators designed to electronically store documentation. According to Transtech, Easydocs has been created in response to heavy vehicle legislature that requires documents from permits, safe driving plans and job dispatch information through to mass management accreditation and gazettes, to be kept on-board at all times. Continue reading […]

Wettenhall Logistics VIC journey with the IAP

Based in South Dandenong Victoria, Wettenhall Logistics VIC specialises in transporting containers to and from the Port of Melbourne for importers/exporters in the south east of Melbourne. They are one of the first operators to run ‘Super B-Doubles’ through Melbourne under VicRoads ‘Moving More with Less’ HPFV scheme.

NHVR paves the way for Electronic Documents

Easydocs is an application designed to minimise the paperwork and administrative burden operators and drivers face in day-to-day work. Operators can continue to ensure that everyone in the supply chain is fulfilling their duty to the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) instead of worrying about the paperwork and documents on-board.

Subcontractors; the role and obligations to the transport industry and the CoR

Subcontractors play an important role in the transport industry. Over 79% of all freight carriers use sub-contractors in their fleets. Where does the subcontractor fit within the CoR and the industry?

M&A Taylor; A subcontractor’s journey to compliance

M&A Taylor Transport Services P/L is an owner-driver based company from Altona, Victoria. Mark Taylor subcontracts to a number of local transport operators in the area, carting freight throughout the state and into New South Wales.