A Modern Approach to Speed Monitoring

Monthly Archives: March 2015

A Modern Approach to Speed Monitoring

For owner-drivers through to multi-fleet national operators today, there are many proactive mechanisms to measure and effectively monitor speed in real-time. However, reactive approaches are predominately practiced. Typically, reactive management techniques such as fines, demerit points and other workplace penalties have proven to be ineffective in altering driver behaviour towards speed.

Higher Mass Limits in New South Wales

New South Wales Minister for Roads and Freight, the Hon. Duncan Gay and NHVR Chief Executive Sal Petroccitto made an exciting announcement at the recent Livestock & Bulk Carriers Association (LBCA) Conference in Jindabyne. In NSW, the process for accessing Higher Mass Limits (HML) programs will become a considerably simpler and more efficient process for Transport Operators.

Prime Mover “Brand new Western Star up for auction”

The Livestock and Bulk Carriers Association (LBCA) will have a new Western Star prime mover up for auction at the LBCA Conference in Jindabyne.