The Importance of Initial Training & On-going Support

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The Importance of Initial Training & On-going Support

The introduction of telematics may not go as planned if the correct support procedures are not available for your staff. Support is as important as the technology itself, and can be the deciding factor in the ultimate success or failure of driver and staff buy-in. Remember, change is disconcerting for many people.

Meet the all new Vehicle Maintenance module!

Manage vehicle maintenance schedules, add in completed schedule information, upload documents such as receipts and more. The simple structure of the module allows you to easily view and create schedules for vehicles, helping you stay on top of vehicle maintenance obligations for the NHVAS, the Chain of Responsibility and operational requirements.

Effectively Manage Change when Introducing Technology

Technology has inspired the transport industry, with innovative and integrated solutions to fit multiple use-cases. The applications are infinite; we are only just starting to see what impact and potential telematics will truly have on the industry.