“We could have gone with a cheaper non-certified system but did not want to risk compromising on the reliability and customer support that comes from TCA Type-Approved InVehicle Units (IVUs), and by having an IAP Service Provider certified by TCA.”

“While IAP provides us with access to the HML network, our IAP Service Provider also provides us with important services that are indispensable for the management of our operations including: driver fatigue, speed and OHS, all through an assured system, which is accurate, reliable and robust.”

“Aside from helping us manage our operations, IAP access to the HML network has allowed us to carry approximately 2.5 tonnes more per load. Based on 14,000 loads per month, we achieve an additional payload of 420,000 tonnes per year. That is a saving of around 12,500 truck movements a year meaning we need 2-3 fewer trucks for our operation.”

— Mark Wintle, Scott Corporation

“Transtech was integral to the success we achieved in obtaining approval to operate PBS A-Double combinations between Toowoomba and the Port of Brisbane. They had great follow up response to issues during the process, and made it an easy transition.”

— Shane Noble, Operations Manager at Broadbent Bulk Services.

“Aside from our commitment to leading edge trailer design and achieving the highest possible vehicle utilisation, Grainhart Transport has also committed to the latest in on-board technology.”

“We worked closely with Transtech Driven, which has been certified as an IAP-SP by Transport Certification Australia (TCA). Transtech Driven has co-ordinated the installation of both the IAP and the Tramanco OBM weighing equipment on all our PBS-2B vehicles.”

“Transtech Driven worked closely with us to develop a sound understanding of our business, operational and technical needs, and were able to deliver an integrated system that could provide both TMR and Grainhart Transport with the highest available assurance that we were complying with weight, route and speed conditions set as part of our road access conditions.”

“We were blown away by the OBM system, which allows us to ensure gross, and axle group limits are not breached, while also ensuring that we can get the ideal load distribution to the maximum allowable payload under approved access conditions.”

“The live OBM system has done away with all the headaches associated with conservatively underloading or inadvertently overloading, because we know exactly what weight our vehicles are carrying at any given time.”

“Our on-board equipment also assists with back office operations. We can communicate with our drivers, we know exactly where our trucks are all the time and we know whether there are any delays loading, unloading or on the road.”

— Peter Hart, Grainhart

“Transtech’s technology has had a great uptake with our drivers and staff. The end-to-end integration of compliance has allowed for real-time visibility into driver fatigue, driving habits and even such simple things as automating the pre-trip checklists. It has made safety and compliance a simpler task.”

— Adrian Colonico, Chemtrans (Scott Corporation)

“The IAP ensures that operators remain compliant and allows for improvement in productivity. Transtech Driven have been very supportive and given great advice when needed both on technical and operational support.”

— Chris Wettenhall, Wettenhall Logistics VIC

“If we have a problem, it gets looked at. We’re a partner, not just a customer.”

— Scott Guthrie, Mt Noorat Freighters

“Transtech has similar goals and behavioural traits as our organisation so we have found them very easy to work with along the way.”

“They’re not too big which means they respond to your needs and they’re very interested in what we’re doing.”

“We would not hesitate to recommend their services based on our own experiences.”

–Brett Plummer, SEQH Group

“In 2012 Gordon Martin Pty Ltd was successful in securing a major freight contract in Queensland, the intention was to operate the equipment on IAP. Transtech was referred to us by one of our suppliers. From the first telephone conversation the service and support from Transtech has been outstanding. Securing approvals for IAP has been challenging and time consuming, however Transtech have delivered everything they committed to and more. I cannot recommend them more highly!”

–Graham Emery, Martins Group

SEQH Group implemented the OBM Program September 2010.

“IAP and on-board mass monitoring have enabled SEQH to achieve substantial productivity improvements in the movement of grain from Toowoomba to the Port of Brisbane and empty containers to the transport depot on Fisherman Islands.”

“Transtech have been an excellent partner in the provision of support of TMR’s Interim OnBoard Mass Program.”

— Brett Plummer, SEQH Group

“Patrick pride ourselves on customer service, which is stated as one of our core business values.”

“Our dealings with Transtech over the past 3 years have shown that our mobility supplier also takes great pride in providing prompt and efficient customer service.”

“Our requests range from simple fleet configurations to more complex requirements for both our local and linehaul fleets.”

“The Transtech team have always responded to our requirements and provided real time solutions, no matter how simple or complex our request may be.”

— Cameron Murcutt, Patrick

“My experience with Transtech did not stop after purchasing their products, it’s still going. Nothing is a problem, they have a genuine sense of care and are always willing to assist me, no matter how big or small.”

“I recommend Transtech to anyone who wants a “one for all” product. They made it easy for my business, and did not sell me products that I would not need, they just provided me solutions, that work. I was impressed with the level of customer service that I received then, but more so with the support that I am still being provided, has made this a great experience.”

— Peter Hart, Managing Director, Grain Hart

“TRN Group have been involved with Transtech since 2009 and they have supplied all of our Tracking, IAP and PBS & field service requirements in that time. We have found their customer service to be exemplary in every way. Nothing is ever a problem and anything that needs attention is seen too straight away and the staff are always polite and courteous.”

— David Pennington, TRN Group

Transtech strives to fulfil every customer and their needs. We take care to think about what our customer needs, what they wish to achieve, and respond in a timely manner with a solution that is either off the shelf, or customised to suite their every need. Nothing is too far from your reach. Get in contact today for the best solution for you and your operation!