The application of telematics and compliance within fleets

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Fleets within the transport and logistics industry are as different as a human fingerprint. Telematics that work for one fleet may not work for another, even within the same operation. This has allowed telematics to be introduced across the board in varying ways, moving away from just linehaul operations.

The “cheap and basic” GPS trackers that flooded the market have lost out to functional and feature rich devices that provide consistent, reliable and timely data. Further to this, a requirement for combined and automated event information is crucial for today’s diverse and complex operations. This has led to a thirst to know more than just where assets are located. The availability and application of varying degrees of telematics can fit owner-driver through to multi-fleet national operations, meeting a range of business, operational, safety and compliance requirements.

The focus is now on smart telematics. A feature-rich solution is where the real value-add is.

The perception that compliance is a burden is just that, a perception. Whilst running a productive and efficient operation can be challenging, keeping on top of regulatory and compliance requirements and obligations can be simplified and automated quite easily with Transtech’s compliance solutions. Fleet managers across Australia are beginning to realise the benefits that telematics provides by automating information. It simplifies the data in the operation each and every day, providing rich and accurate information to the back-office.

What does this mean? This means compliance audits become easier than ever, a paper trail is virtually non-existent, a driver’s paper work diary becomes error free and the ability to provide training programs become far simpler. These are just some of the basic benefits. The list of opportunities goes further than just these, click here to realise the potential of more of these hidden benefits.

Safety is imperative to Australia’s transport culture and the advancements in all regulatory programs directly reflect this. With the introduction of programs like the IAP, NHVAS, OBM and so forth, Australia has become a major contributor and advocate for the introduction of regulation and compliance for a safe industry. The integration of telematics within these programs has enhanced this further. For example:

Whilst management are kept busy with day-to-day operations, jurisdictions and their enforcement teams are cracking down. The focus is on drivers, vehicles and companies who breach their obligations to the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) or their requirements to be enrolled in compliance programs.

The Australian government and the jurisdictions have implemented CoR laws and compliance regulations to help save lives and it does work. Regulatory programs extend the operator’s commitment to the CoR, which is designed to help keep a safe industry that is often perceived with a negative stigma. Operators can prove to their staff, the community and the jurisdictions that they are creating a safe and responsible work environment for all to benefit. Keeping up with compliance requirements can be seen to be difficult, but telematics streamlines, simplifies and automates the entire process.

An assurance of consistency, storage, integration and access is part of a well thought out solution. The amount of data collected is enormous. A robust solution is a 21st century requirement and the Internet provides these benefits such as around the clock access to services. The availability of ‘in the cloud’ services has changed telematics, moving away from computer-based programs and locally stored information to online portals that are rich in functionality available from anywhere with a connection to the Internet.

Solutions like Transtech’s NextGen system, a cloud-based information and reporting portal for fleets and compliance, have become responsible for providing accurate, dependable and timely information. For example, by fitting Transtech’s Vehicle Performance Monitor in operating vehicles, NextGen can provide real-time feedback to the back-office on driver behaviour and vehicle performance with access to a number of reports – excessive acceleration, fuel usage, fuel rate, harsh braking, idle time and over revving for example.

Compliance isn’t a burden. It is an opportunity to grasp the hidden potential in the operation, including that of back-office staff, drivers and vehicles. It is potential that wouldn’t have been possible without technology and compliance.

The innovation in technology over the last few years has led to cutting-edge solutions when paired with Transtech’s 25 years of industry experience and knowledge. Dependability, accuracy, consistency, life cycle, warranty and professional service & support are all factors Transtech build into all its solutions. It has led to ingenuity in a range of specialised telematics solutions meeting the ever-changing needs of an operator and that of compliance programs.

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