Effectively Manage Change when Introducing Technology

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Technology and compliance is here to stay. Regulatory telematics is increasing with the imminent release of Electronic Work Diaries (EWDs). When is the best time to implement technology?

Now! Having an early adoption plan for a company’s introduction to EWDs is important.

Technology has inspired the transport industry, with innovative and integrated solutions to fit multiple use-cases. The applications are infinite; we are only just starting to see what impact and potential telematics will truly have on the industry.

Technology is required in this modern age to continue to drive efficiency and healthy competition in the transport industry. Introducing technology into an operation can be complicated, no matter how big or small the company or the task is. From owner-driver through to multi-fleet national operations, getting driver and staff buy-in can be difficult, not to mention the time it can take.

Technology is often perceived as daunting; people don’t like change. However, technological solutions benefit everyone; the operator, management team, back-office staff, drivers or anyone else that holds influence over the transport chain.

How can you introduce technology with a successful uptake? It makes everyone’s life much simpler. Building trust with everyone in the operation is the key to successful implementation.

Techniques to Introducing Technology

With a few strategies and an early-adoption plan, Transtech’s customers have already successfully introduced telematics through a combination of the below techniques.

involve your staff in the change

Involve your staff. Talk to each staff member who you feel would have constructive input into a possible solution. If it’s a driver, allocator, or upper-level manager, these are the people that help run the operation on a daily basis and can tell you the problems they are facing.

focus groups to start a discussion

Focus groups. Bring your staff together and discuss the reasons why technology is required to continue a thriving business. Outline the problems faced in the current process and how technology can turn the issues into opportunities.

staff and driver induction programs

Induction programs. An effective and communal approach to discussions, you’ll be able to train staff and drivers together in a relaxed and familiar environment. Cover off everything from when the solution will be implemented, what it consists of, through to the stages of implementation.

new business processes and procedures

New Processes. Ensuring staff understand the requirement for improved processes and procedures is vital. New technology means new processes. For example, Technology can become part of the policies and procedures for NHVAS certification.

staggered implementation to introduce technology

Staggered implementation. There is nothing more daunting than getting everything thrown in your face at once. A staged approach to implementing applications one-by-one over a set timeframe is recommended as it allows staff to familiarise themselves at a pace more comfortable to them.

training and ongoing driver and staff support

Training & coaching. Initial and ongoing employee support is vital and important; it doesn’t end once the solution is installed. Ensuring you provide coaching at all times through issues as they arise. This can help ensure staff are always happy to use telematics, and never leaves issues in the air or unresolved.

incentive programs to encourage good behaviour

Incentive programs. Rewarding good behaviour can be pivotal. Providing incentive to do better is a great way to improve morale and gain buy-in. The reward? Anything from employee of the month programs with gift vouchers to driving the best truck in the fleet or a day-in-lieu.


Whatever the technology required, Transtech has you covered. Transtech’s business development managers will work with you to define your requirements into a packaged all-in-one solution. Our talented customer service representatives will provide you with initial training, whether in person, over the phone or online screen-sharing. Along with a 24/7 knowledge-base that houses training videos and user guides, Transtech will work with you to help provide the tools to successfully implement technology.