Fatigue Management, the NHVR and Sentinel the Electronic Work Diary (EWD)

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The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is set to release its updated fatigue paper work diary. Its aim is to make it easier for drivers to keep track of their fatigue information, by streamlining the stringent required paperwork.

Although the process has been simplified, it is still a difficult task for drivers to complete their hours and calculate their rest breaks, night and long hours, total working hours and so on. This regularly results in delays in information returning to the back office and a breakdown in communication between drivers and office staff, who do not have the requisite knowledge to assist with their driver’s compliance. In some cases, the yellow copy of the work diary does not go back to the record keeper for up to 21 days.

Under the Chain of Responsibility (CoR), the responsibility for managing driver fatigue is shared by parties who have control over the transport task. This includes the employer, contractor, operator and so on.

Sentinel is a tried and proven Electronic Work Diary(EWD) utilised by some of Australia’s leading and most progressive transport and logistics operators. It ensures a transport operator and its drivers are in the position to comply with all fatigue laws and rule sets implemented across Australia.

Sentinel is the only enterprise grade solution that provides back-office functionality along with an in-vehicle system for drivers. It supports all fatigue management rules – such as Standard Hours or Basic Fatigue Management (BFM) and the interpretation of this across the different states, including the ability to create custom rule sets on a per organisation basis.

Sentinel provides information in real-time, to both the driver in the vehicle and the staff in the back-office. But what does this real-time information mean? It means that transport operators and their administrative staff are able to keep an eye on their drivers fatigue status. Alerts can be setup to warn when drivers are going to violate their rule sets, allowing for proactive management of fatigue. It also provides historical tracking as well as the ability to plan trips for upcoming work. It offers the ability to create detailed reports, allowing administrative staff to create driver rosters calculated from real-time driver fatigue information and associated rule sets.

For the assurance that you are operating under the most up to date fatigue management laws, the best investment you can make is Sentinel. Help create the foundations for the upcoming Electronic Work Diary(EWD) program.

For more information on how Sentinel can assist you with fatigue compliance in your organisation please contact us or visit the Sentinel information page.