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compliance technology

Plain and simple, technology is great for business.

It simplifies the processes around compliance, allowing your staff to focus on strategic initiatives and drivers to keep their mind on the road. Beyond ensuring compliance and increasing efficiencies comes an aspect of technology that’s not so obvious at first glance: winning business, jobs and contracts.

chain of responsibility

Remaining compliant to the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) and all aspects of the law helps ensure your operation stays out of trouble. Being taken to court over non-conformance takes the management team’s focus away from business and leads to loss of both money and reputation.

Increasing business and maintaining a good reputation is something compliance technology brings to the table. Using the purpose-built iFace, you can deliver multiple compliance application from the one in-cab solution to the driver. It empowers drivers to manage their own compliance while keeping back-office staff informed in real-time. This provides the ability to keep a watchful eye on potential breaches before they occur, giving you a unique window into the operation.

Compliance technology can take you beyond the CoR and into the realm of gaining additional access to the road network via On Board Mass (OBM). As an operator, you’d have unprecedented access to an expanded road network utilising larger vehicle combinations and higher mass limits. That’s a giant competitive edge!

winning jobs and contracts

Scenario: Imagine you are pitching for a big contract with a prospective customer. How do you sell your businesses’ services beyond being able to guarantee on-time delivery or view into the current progress of the trip?

Stand out from the crowd! Demonstrate how important compliance is using the iFace. Your customer is also responsible under the CoR and it’s under their duty of care to ensure their transport partners are fulfilling their obligation to run a business that complies to all laws & regulations.

The benefits of complying allow for numerous productivity and efficiency gains, furthered by the possibilities that OBM solutions can bring. It’s a huge competitive edge. Saying you run a compliant business is one thing; demonstrating it is another. Your use of technology can tangibly demonstrate your commitment!


Technology & Compliance

The revolution that technology is bringing into the transport and logistics industry is massive. With more compliance and access programs being introduced Australia-wide that require the use of telematics, it’s safe to say that getting a head start is vital to the future competitive nature of your business.

Technology helps make compliance transparent, empowering everyone in the transport chain to become part of the process, fostering a safe working environment and positive culture.

The iFace and its powerful applications can easily be demonstrable. This assures them that all four pillars of compliance and the CoR are covered.

sentinel mass pretrip speed
Fatigue Mass Maintenance Speed
Sentinel makes fatigue management simple, and fully integrates with EWDs Mass Manager gives assurance of real-time mass compliance Pre-Trip Checklist ensures vehicle maintenance is kept up-to-date SpeedAssist monitors speed to prevent breaches
Find out more! Find out more! Find out more! Find out more!


Transtech has specifically designed the iFace and its compliance applications for the transport & logistics industry. The range of applications available all play their part to ensure your business remains compliant at all times. All these applications and more, empower your drivers and staff members to operate compliantly, ultimately leading to a successful operation. With instantly noticeable returns, get on board with Transtech today!


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