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The Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) Amendment Bill 2015 passed through Queensland parliament in mid-September 2015. The amendments provide the ability for the EWD to be used in place of paper-based work diaries and provide the legal framework required for Transport Certification Australia (TCA) to lead the establishment of the Electronic Work Diary (EWD) requirements and technological specification for introduction to industry in early 2017.

Fatigue Management solutions, such as Transtech’s Sentinel, are available today, designed to augment the current paper work diary, which is fraught with difficulties. While fatigue management laws are complex; these solutions provide instant information and feedback to the driver and the back-office. That means no more calculating work and rest hours, with historic views for up to 14 days and real-time alerting for when rest-breaks are required. Sentinel makes it easier to comply.

EWDs are fast becoming reality; the legislation and introduction of Electronic Work Diaries will do away with the logbook and enable an automated workflow. EWDs offer a flexible platform for the industry and transport operators to adopt. With the required use of certified telematics, operators can be assured of the highest quality in fatigue information; it’s evidentiary-level data with multiple applications.


How can you step ahead of the industry now? By integrating certified telematics, such as Transtech’s Type-Approved IVU, into operating vehicles.

When paired with the iFace to deliver a front-end to the driver, it is strategic head start that allows operators to use EWDs from day one. Transtech’s current range of IVUs are all certified and Type-Approved, meaning all of its Interim OBM and IAP customers are already setup with capable hardware. Sentinel can be used today, benefit from accurate fatigue information to focus on managing fatigue rather than balancing and calculating hours.

Type-Approved and Certified Telematics are proving to be the future focus with technology in the transport and logistics industry. They provide a common approach when considered for current and future programs and schemes. Transtech’s range of IVUs has been thoroughly tested against requirements for robustness, accuracy, reliability, tamper evidence, data storage and security. Why invest in decade-old and incompatible technology when the future is available today?

Investing now means you get a huge head start on change control. Drivers and back-office staff are able to benefit from technology now. The change from a paper to paperless system, when time comes, will be much quicker, easier and stress free.

Get started on the future, EWDs and the industry with Type-Approved and Certified telematics and Sentinel.

IVU In Vehicle Unit Certified Telematics Type Approved

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The use of Type-Approved IVUs ensure Transtech’s customers continue to obtain strong assurance in the use of its telematics, peace of mind for its services and a platform for the future.

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Operators around Australia are already benefiting from Electronic Work Diaries. The power they provide to augment the paper work diary is measurable and unique. Scroll down to read some success stories from some progressive transport operators utilising Transtech’s Sentinel system in their workplace.

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