HML Access Simplified in NSW

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The process for accessing Higher Mass Limits (HML) in NSW has become considerably simpler and more efficient for transport operators.

The NSW HML Declaration 2015 no longer requires the operator to obtain an access permit to travel on approved HML roads in NSW for certain categories of heavy vehicles.

The previously difficult process of gaining access permits now only requires operators of HML vehicles to be enrolled and monitored in the Intelligent Access Program (IAP).

Heavy vehicles eligible to declare HML in NSW are:

  • Short Combinations
  • B-Doubles
  • Type 1 A-Double Road Trains – this includes Modern Road Trains
  • AB-Triples
  • B-Triples
  • Modular B-Triples

A further benefit of the NSW HML Declaration is increased access for Modular B-Triples on the HML network for approved roads west of the Newell Highway, NSW. Previously, these combinations were restricted to only operating at General Mass Limits (GML) and Concessional Mass Limits (CML).

Click here to view the Approved NSW HML Road Network Maps.

Transtech’s Intelligent Access Program (IAP) Services

The Intelligent Access Program (IAP) uses technology to monitor enrolled heavy vehicles to significantly increase mass and access to the road network.

Transtech is the premier provider of IAP, compliance services and access for the majority of transport operators under the program.

Why is this?

Transtech is the largest and longest serving IAP provider and provides services to over 500 clients. It is the high level of customer service and expertise that brings a variety of value added services to the table.

You can get additional access over and above the HML network with the Interim OBM program.

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