The Importance of Initial Training & On-going Support

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training and support

Telematics in the transport industry continues to pave its way into the future. In-vehicle technology and back-office systems make a significant and positive impact on an operation. One of the most important, yet often neglected factors of technology is the training and support you as an operator, provide to staff. Lack of training can be all that stands in the way of an operation’s ability to move forward with technology as effectively as possible.

The introduction of telematics may not go as planned if the correct support procedures are not available for your staff. Support is as important as the technology itself, and can be the deciding factor in the ultimate success or failure of driver and staff buy-in. Remember, change is disconcerting for many people.

update operational processes and procedures

Before even running the initial training, it is important to first consider existing internal business policies and procedures that will be impacted by technology.

For example, the iFace has the power to automate workflows and remove paperwork from the cab of the vehicle, meaning that procedures around record-keeping will need to be reconsidered and updated to fit the iFace and NextGen into the process.

As every operation is different, there are no right or wrong way to write or update policies and procedures. The only assurance you need to make is that they will need to accurately reflect the operation without ambiguity; be specific!

professional training regimes and workshops

Professional training regimes can get quite expensive. Consider the possibility of running your own in-house workshops and support sessions, you’ll find a greater buy-in to the technology will likely be the outcome.

A great approach often utilised by Transtech’s customers is having an internal ‘champion’ is a great approach; train the trainer. Internal training provides the senior management team with the ability to engage and encourage staff and drivers in a friendly, familiar environment. It can help promote and drive company policy, culture and vision, as well as uncover untapped skills and resources in the workplace.

providing ongoing support is crucial

Training doesn’t stop once you’ve inducted new staff, educate drivers on how to use the device or held initial workshops. Ongoing support is crucial. No doubt, your team will have a continual flow of questions and need to feel supported at all times.

Providing ongoing training programs is important as it allows everyone to grow and learn at their own pace. Staff and drivers will become more comfortable in the technology as you are able to recap previous sessions and continue on at a staged approach. As staff change and new people are employed, this strategy becomes very important.


How can Transtech help? Transtech’s newly launched Knowledge Base replaces the existing customer training portal. It provides the same pool of material the old portal, along with added sections and functionality.

  • Search; simply start typing into the search bar and predictions will pop out based on what you’re entering.
  • FAQ and How-To Articles; tasks that Transtech’s customer service face on a daily basis can be easily found.
  • Links throughout NextGen can be found that guide you on how to complete specific actions to help out your staff.
  • Articles on getting the most out of Transtech’s technology within a modern transport operation.

Along with the Knowledge Base, Transtech is running weekly training sessions that are held online via Webex, commencing on the 2nd of June. Initially, they will cover:

  • The Fundamentals of NextGen, including an Overview, the Administration system, Tracking & Reports.
  • Fundamentals of Transtech’s Compliance applications, including an overview of the iFace, Pre-Trip Checklist, Mass Manager and Sentinel, Transtech’s fatigue management platform.

Head over to Transtech’s SUPPORT page where you’ll be able to register for the next session that is running. Want something more personalised? Transtech can provide one-on-one private sessions for you for a small nominal fee.

With a multitude of material available 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection, in-house workshops and training programs can easily be conducted with what Transtech can provide. Visit the Knowledge Base to see exactly what is available at your fingertips.