The Importance of Training

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Professional training has a range of proven benefits including energised and enthusiastic employees and the development of leadership opportunities. Training stimulates a business with new ideas, encouraging its people to learn new skills and boost overall productivity.

While some businesses may find the cost of embarking on a training program daunting, there’s no need for it to be. In-house workshops and classes can be just as beneficial as expensive outsourced programs. It provides management the chance to engage their employees by encouraging them to learn about the company’s culture, services and vision.

There is also the potential that training can uncover untapped skills and resources within the workplace, which can have a sustainable impact on operations. Numerous reports and studies have indicated that engaging employees in training programs makes staff members feel more valued and appreciated, increasing job satisfaction and employee retention.

Satisfied and knowledgeable staff members will be more inclined to provide assistance to other employees and to generate new ideas.

Transtech has just released a customer service portal designed to accommodate its clients’ growing training requirements. The portal, launched in early August, consists of a variety of tools for customers to get acquainted with Transtech’s products and services.

Its key features include a series of videos, which run through Sentinel, the iFace, and NextGen applications to demonstrate how drivers and back-office staff can get the most out of Transtech’s products and services.

As well as providing a hub for training resources, the portal also allows operators to induct new employees with its products in a simple, straightforward manner.

Click here to visit the portal and get started today.