The Importance of In-Vehicle Driver Technology

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In-vehicle technologies are devices installed within heavy-vehicles that enable the implementation of regulatory programs and other value-added services such as job management, location services and delay tracking.

Ideally, it’s the presence of single display device in the driver’s line of sight and an in-vehicle unit that acts as at the vehicle’s black-box. This combination amalgamates multiple sources of information into real-time feedback for both the driver and the back office.

This technology is designed specifically to complete all the grunt work for the driver. It combines automatically-attained data such as time and location with driver-inputted information to calculate everything from fatigue to route compliance. The idea is to display the right information at the right time to empower drivers to make better and more informed decisions while on the road.

iface in vehicle technology telematics driver tools

The iFace provides assurance to you that your drivers remain compliant.

With the iFace, the driver is able to take immediate corrective action on violating events. The driver will be more inclined to take preventative measures to remain compliant. The iFace is the tool that provides drivers with the ability to do the right thing. After all, it’s their livelihood at stake.

What is the iFace? The iFace is Transtech’s flagship product; an all-in-one 7” in-vehicle compliance and operational tool for the driver, giving real-time information with instant tangible benefits.

iface in vehicle technology telematics driver tools

Ensures the driver will always remain compliant with his or her obligations to the CoR.

iface in vehicle technology telematics driver tools

Helps the driver complete daily tasks, from filling in electronic pre-trip checklists and recording axle-group mass through to job delivery information and route compliance.

iface in vehicle technology telematics driver tools

Provides real-time audible and visual feedback on events as they occur for better decision-making on the road.

iface in vehicle technology telematics driver tools

Introduces a paperless and automated workflow for both the cabin and back-office as everything can be managed electronically.

iface in vehicle technology telematics driver tools

Provides instant information to the back-office on the driver’s progress in their daily tasks and compliance efforts.

driver tools for compliance management

The importance of driver compliance technology.

In-vehicle driver technology plays an extremely important part in a modern transport operation. No two operations are the same, meaning the implementation, application and technology requirements will be based on individual requirements.

Implementation. The implementation of a single environment for the driver and the back-office is the key to success. Transtech’s team provides support throughout the process, from the right advice to the in-depth training.

Applications. A large number of apps are available to the driver on the iFace, including back-office staff via NextGen. Operators gain the ability to pick and choose which solution will suit operational and compliance requirements and goals.

Technology. The technology required is also dependent on these same requirements. From an IVU and On-Board Weighing Systems, to the iFace, Transtech combines multiple applications into a single, holistic environment.

The right solution for an operation begins from company requirements and goals. The combination will make for an investment into the future of the operation, remaining competitive, saving lives and ensuring the progressive nature of the company.

transtech telematics solutions provider

How does Transtech make it easy for you?

iface in vehicle technology telematics driver tools

Multiple solutions from the one device. No more multiple devices obstructing the driver, adding to confusion and stress.

iface in vehicle technology telematics driver tools

A growing list of available applications to meet each operational and compliance requirement in a modern transport operation.

iface in vehicle technology telematics driver tools

Ability to integrate with your existing Freight Management Systems for job information via NextGen.

iface in vehicle technology telematics driver tools

Excellent customer service and consultation. You only get what you require to solve your problems. Transtech’s solutions can turn your insights into opportunities.

iface in vehicle technology telematics driver tools

Dedicated training portal available around the clock; user manuals, training videos, FAQs and product information sheets to help you find the answers you need.

Doing the right thing by your drivers helps the operation in more ways than you would initially expect and here are just some of the reasons! The expense of the technology is quickly negated by the ample benefits and the quick return on investment. You’ll be opening a new window of opportunity where you can watch the effectiveness and efficiency of your operation increase.

Get in touch with one of Transtech’s friendly Business Development Managers to find out exactly how Transtech’s in-vehicle compliance technology can benefit your operation today by phone on 1300 427 123. Alternatively, send an online enquiry and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Sentinel is a tried and proven Electronic Work Diary (EWD) utilised by some of Australia’s leading and most progressive transport and logistics operators.

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