Improved Access for Quad-Axle Semi Trailers in Victoria

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access for quad-axle semis

Victoria’s Network for 50.5t Quad-Semi Trailers. In a recent announcement from VicRoads, PBS approved Quad-Axle Semi Trailers are able to now carry up to 50.5 tonne, up from a previous 45.5 tonne.

Under the new access policy, a 20 metre PBS Quad-Axle Semi Trailers are now allowed to operate at 50.5 tonne Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM). This specific vehicle combination will utilize the Class 2 Victorian road freight network; the same network as the Victorian HPFV for Quad-Quad B-Doubles at 77.5 tonne.

To gain access, a Class 2 heavy vehicle permit must be obtained from the NHVR to operate a Quad-Semi on the HPFV network. Intelligent Access Program (IAP) is will be required to monitor route and mass compliance, providing assurance to jurisdictions and road managers.

This new policy will be of advantage to operators who currently use container skel & side-loaders to boost payload of the containers being carried. For palletised loads, the added length and mass provided by a Quad-Semi can result in up to 4 more pallets being able to be loaded.

For more information, read the CTAA article or view the Victorian HPFV road network. The diagram below outlines the 20m Quad-Semi axle group weights for 50.5t.