Investing in Telematics can lower Fleet Costs

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Heavy-vehicles are a major capital cost for all transport companies, whether you’re an owner-driver or a multi-fleet national operation. Telematics can help you reducing running costs, increasing the profitability of your operation.

The right technology can ensure that your vehicles are being used in the most efficient and sustainable way possible, saving you the cost of unnecessary fuel usage and avoidable vehicle maintenance.


Vehicle Performance Monitor (VPM), a system which reads and translates data from the CAN bus, pairs with the IVU to monitor fuel consumption, and identify instances of harsh braking, idling, and over-revving. This makes driver behaviour more transparent, helping the operator ensure vehicles are being used in the most economical way possible.

With telematics, you have the tools to be proactive at your fingertips. It’s about providing data for economical vehicle use and identifying areas for improvement. NextGen provides you with immediate alerts and reports to allow you to see the data coming through from VPM or the IVU in real-time.

The investment in regulatory telematics can also result in savings over time. Prioritising compliance keeps both your drivers and the general public safe, whilst protecting the good reputation of your business and avoiding fines and court dates.


How can Transtech’s solutions help?

Transtech’s business development team listen to your requirements and tailor a telematics solution to fit your operational needs. This ensures you, your staff and drivers always have the best tools to allow your business to thrive in the ever-changing transport and logistics industry. The right solution can increase operational efficiency, ensure compliance, improve safety and ultimately save you money.