Reactive vs. Proactive Speed Management

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Operators are required by law to manage speed, utilising a range of techniques and systems, from Intelligent Speed Management (ISM) to incentive programs. The Chain of Responsibility (CoR) legislation dictates that everyone from the driver to the CEO is responsible for speed compliance within the organisation, keeping Australian roads safe.

Traditionally our society, including Australian law enforcement, has relied on drivers being deterred by speeding infringements and loss of demerit points. Whilst this reactive method is a successful way of penalising drivers, recent research has demonstrated that proactive speed management clearly has a greater impact.

Current thinking suggests a combination of the right fleet management tools and driver education provides the best safety and cost-related outcomes. Compliance education coupled with incentive programs has shown a significant impact on driving behaviour and fleet performance.

Proactivity can deter future issues, meeting Australian compliance standards whilst supporting the CoR’s duty of care to employees and public alike. This positive approach of employing professional education and motivation has a range of proven benefits including:

  • Increased motivation and work ethic
  • Satisfied and knowledgeable staff members including drivers
  • Development of leadership opportunities
  • Higher company safety statistics
  • Greater awareness of compliance and CoR legislation

In-house workshops and training programs can be just as beneficial as expensive outsourced programs. This scenario also provides management the chance to engage staff by encouraging them to learn about the company’s services, culture and the vision for the future.

Overall, proactive driver management tools are not new, but they have never been this easy to manage. The accessibility to speed management technologies as well as ease of implementation means better outcomes for businesses and safer roads for Australians – it’s that simple.

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Speed Compliance

SpeedAssist is a driver tool that assists in safe driving practices across your fleet by providing a simple and powerful way to assist drivers in maintaining safe driving practices. It features audio and visual tools and alerts to inform drivers of their speed and allow them to take preventative measures.