Why Technology & Telematics should be a focus for 2015

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Telematics is often perceived as a comfort item – a luxury that can be avoided, although that thinking is just that, a perception. Fleet and operations managers Australia wide are realising the benefits.

Can you, as an operator, afford to avoid telematics any longer?

Adhering to the obligations the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) sets out can be challenging. Keeping on top of compliance requirements on a daily basis is considerably simplified and automated with technology. It makes the operator and driver’s life straightforward in all possible facets, allowing for what is deemed important to be accessed at your fingertips.

The benefits are tangible, from granular reporting and KPI management right through to driver score-carding and instant event notifications. Beyond those are a reduction in the fuel expenditure, providing a way to carry more with less or allowing for access to the extended road-network and higher mass limits.

Ample ‘bang for your buck’ solutions are out there that can solve simple one-sided issues within the short term. Beyond that is integrated technology that provides a holistic approach to building a window into the operation that was never before viewed.

So what does the Chain of Responsibility have to do with it?

The CoR and its applications are legislated to ensure a safe transport and logistics industry. Everyone in the transport chain is covered from the operator to the 3PL.

Australia’s transport culture and the advancements in all regulatory programs reflect this. In the last decade, the introduction of the IAP, NHVAS and the Interim OBM programs have allowed Australia to become a major contributor and advocate for safety in the transport industry worldwide. Other countries, such as Sweden, are currently trialling their own version of the IAP program.

So how does telematics apply to my obligations to the CoR and my vehicles?


Fleets, even within the same company, can be as different as fingerprints. Often minuscule differences can make up the operational requirements; what solution works for one fleet may not in another.

This has led to operators no longer looking for ‘tick a box’ solutions. The mentality is evolving to unique and individualised solutions to meet specific needs and requirements for their operation.

These unique requirements have led to smart telematics being developed. It simplifies incoming data into information that matters the most, evolving from a heavily paper-based system into an automated workflow. Audits then become easier then ever.


Certified telematics

Certified telematics such as Transtech’s IVU are approved for use in OBM and IAP applications. These devices provide consistency, storage and integration as part of a well thought out solution.

The benefits of modern telematics in the digital age

The Internet and availability of cloud-based technology has progressed telematics to the future. It has moved away from computer-based programs and locally stored information to online portals, utilising the smarts of the Internet and what it brings to the table. This means you get powerful functionality available with 24/7 access from anywhere with an Internet connection.

The extensive list of operational gains can provide an almost instant return on investment. There are obvious benefits for abiding with the CoR, taking up a compliance scheme or introducing telematics. There are also unseen benefits, which may not have been realised.


Business – running a compliant, safe and responsible operation can help win contracts/jobs.


Efficiency – operation and workflows can be fine-tuned to ensure every asset’s capacity is reached quicker and easier.


Productivity – vehicles are able to carry more with less, meaning you are able to increase the number of jobs undertaken, increasing profitability.


Real-Time – access to operational information as events occur allowing you to act quicker on issues that arise.


Proactivity – provides the opportunity to make better decisions quicker. Operators are able to deal with problems before or as they occur.


Automation – a non-existent paper trail, a coherent operational workflow and a reduction in the time taken to find information required.


These are just the start of the benefits operators gain with technology and compliance. There are more – keep reading about the ‘not so obvious’ reasons to comply.

How Transtech can help?

Transtech is Australia’s premier service provider, for both the IAP and Interim OBM programs.

The needs and requirements of you, the operator, are considered thoroughly and with Transtech’s guidance, the best option is presented.

Behind access is technology. Transtech provides a range of high-quality and proven technology to meet the needs for the kind of access that is required.


Other applications of technology such as the iFace and its compliance applications, including Mass Manager, can help automate record keeping for NHVAS obligations.

Access and telematics can unlock specific vehicle combinations for specialised tasks. For example, A-Doubles can be utilised on routes to the port allowing the operator to cart two 40ft containers.

For more information on how Transtech can assist your operation, contact their helpful and professional customer service representatives on 1300 427 123 today.