The immediate benefits seen with a successful implementation of technology

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benefits of technology in transport

Keeping up with the fast-paced transport industry can be tricky. Ensuring you have the latest technology at your driver’s fingertips and back-office staff makes for a progressive workplace.

Easing into an efficient, yet compliant environment is made simpler with the right technological solution. It’s tools for your drivers and back-office staff to alleviate the pressure and burden of previously manual tasks, simplifying workload and creating improved practices.

Let’s delve a little deeper into some of the ways Transtech’s customers have helped reduce manual processes with technology for an efficient operation.

Technology & Operational Efficiencies

Technology & Operational Efficiencies

Technology brings insights into an operation to identify inefficiencies and allow for significant improvements. It provides a method to find problems that were never previously recognised.

Transtech’s solutions are designed to meet operational requirements. Working strongly with customers, jurisdictions and industry bodies, they are tried and tested in the real-world, specifically for the transport & logistics industry.

The applications themselves integrate seamlessly between the driver and back-office, making for simpler handling of information. From geo-fencing trips and tracking travel progress to delay tracking and better schedules, there are multitudes of applications to Transtech’s solutions.

Real-time Information

Real-time Information

One of the primary benefits of technology is the ability to view data as events occur in the field. Events can be anything from a vehicle’s positional change to a driver’s violation of a fatigue rule.

Access to this kind of information around the clock, from anywhere with an internet connection is pivotal. You are able to find out issues as, or before, they occur. Transtech provides the tools to help them make more informed decisions; from your drivers to back-office staff. No misconceptions, just pure fact.

All of this real-time information leads to proactive, not reactive management. Getting ahead of problems and solving before they become issues is the key to success.

Replacing paper based systems

Replacing paper-based systems

Something to consider is how technology can help reduce or replace paper-based process. Being able to remove tasks that were previously manually completed is a reality.

Paperwork is a dreaded task. Sifting through stacks, unsure of where to look, what you’ll find or whether it’s even there is daunting.

Each transport company will handle this in their own way. Implementing technology and putting it into practice can reduce the paperwork involved by automatically gathering information from the cabin or the back-office.

A driver no longer fills in a checklist on paper, it’s completed directly on the iFace. Back-office doesn’t have to search for that specific checklist from that driver on that day, they simply run a report against the driver in NextGen. No more wasting time and effort. No more duplication; all this frees up time to concentrate on more strategic initiatives.

Reconsidering the processes of completing certain tasks is important. Technology can only take you so far, it’s the practices you and your staff or drivers undertake to complete that must be altered for utmost success.

Compliance Practices

Compliance Practices

Managing compliance and obligations to the Chain of Responsibility can be complex. A growing transport operation can require technology to help with multipart requirements.

Drivers are at the front line of compliance. On-top of the rigours of driving a heavy-vehicle, they face mounds of stress in ensuring they are meeting fatigue, mass, speed and maintenance requirements. Providing the right tools for your drivers alleviates their workload, allowing them to concentrate on the road.

Operators must always ensure their drivers are safe. After all, the cabin is the driver’s workplace and a safe driver is a safe community.


How can we help? Let Transtech grow with you to introduce technology and improve processes and practices in the workplace. Transtech is committed to the transport and logistics industry. The business development team can tailor the right solution to help you achieve your efficiency goals and improve on operational practices.