Transtech applauds implementation of Cubic Freight Network for Victoria

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Transtech applauds VicRoads’ announcement on the implementation of high performance freight vehicles (HPFVs) for Victorian roads.

Victorian Transport Minister Terry Mulder announced that the new policy would allow cubic freight vehicles additional length so that more freight can be carried within regulatory mass limits and significantly improve productivity. The policy allows for vehicles of up to 30m and Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of up to 68.5 tonnes to travel on roads that have been identified as being part of the Cubic Freight Network.

The new policy will result in safer on-road performance compared to standard vehicle configurations, and significantly reduce the rate of major incidents.

VicRoads’ Moving More with Less report shows:

  • Between now and 2030, HPFVs operating under the PBS Scheme are expected to save our community 4.5 billion vehicle kilometres, 94 fatal crashes and 114 fatalities nationally
  • Economically speaking, the benefits of HPFV operation is felt not only by the operators of the HPFVs, but also the wider community through a flow-on effect that has been estimated at about 84 cents for every dollar saved by the operator.
HPFV reduction in vehicles on the road

Since 2007, Transtech has been monitoring CEVA Logistics B-Triples, between Geelong and Broadmeadows on behalf of Ford.

Transtech’s previous experience and close relationships with local and state jurisdictions aid transport operators with the organisation of “Extra-Mile” local-road access. Transtech can help increase the Gross Combination Mass (GCM) to 77.5t in weight and 36.5m in length under Higher Mass Limit (HML) if required. The new vehicle combinations with increased loads improve efficiency for operators and decrease the total number of trucks on the roads.

Read the article from VicRoads.