How Transtech can stretch your fuel dollars further

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In mid May, the Australian budget was released. Although it puts aside a considerably increased sum for infrastructure growth, the reintroduction of the fuel excise means every dollar has to be stretched further than ever.

We know that vehicles are a major capital cost for all transport companies, from owner-drivers through to multi-fleet national operations. Increasing the vehicle’s longevity provides a better return on investment; it decreases the capital cost per kilometre travelled and reduces the ongoing running costs.

What if you could reduce your total fuel costs by 5% or more? What if you could increase a vehicle’s fuel efficiency on top of receiving fuel tax credits?

Transtech’s OnTrack customers can currently delve into simple vehicle information such as idle times, speed and stop times. Even this basic data helps the operator better understand driving behaviour and analyse vehicle performance.

Further to OnTrack’s analytical information is Vehicle Performance Monitor (VPM). It’s a premium solution where vehicle and engine performance data is analysed into reports that provide insights on the things that matter the most – performance, productivity and efficiency. VPM delivers information on the elements that affect the performance of individual vehicles – braking, acceleration, idle, fuel and revs. The link between vehicle performance and driver behaviour is brought together and realised with VPM through the NextGen platform.


Through NextGen, a number of reports are available that allow operators to take appropriate measures to alter driver behaviour and driving patterns for good. For example, these reports can be applied to provide the information to set up a driver incentive program. The driver who has improved the most in the last three months receives a bonus.

This can have a positive effect on a driver’s perception of technology and change as management provide a way for the driver to stay motivated to improve their work ethic. VPM is a solution that benefits the company and the driver concurrently when used to its full potential.

Transtech is the premier compliance specialist. Transtech can assist operators with a realistic solution that can effortlessly automate information and report the effectiveness of VPM. This helps ensure a wealth of efficiency gains are extracted from the operation and can keep drivers safe. Transtech provides an unparalleled service and a thorough training program to coach management, staff and drivers across the potential of its solutions.

Vehicle Performance Monitor has an instant return on investment and helps reduce collisions, emissions, operating costs and even insurance premiums. Optimise operational performance from the inside out with a way to measure success.

For further information on VPM, NextGen or how Transtech can help, contact our professional customer service team on 1300 427 123.