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vehicle health check ready

In a recent notice from the NHVR, Authorised Officers within each jurisdictions will be inspecting heavy-vehicles across the nation in one of the largest ever health checks on mechanical condition to date.

Beginning from the 1st of August, the NHVR is planning to inspect approximately 1.7% of heavy vehicles across the country under the National Roadworthiness Baseline Survey (NRBS), which for the first time, creates a standard for vehicle inspection criteria. The data collected will continue to improve safety within the industry.

Ensuring your fleet of heavy vehicles is roadworthy is not just mandatory under the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL), but also leads to efficiency and productivity gains. How can you ensure your vehicle’s meet stringent roadworthy standards?

With Transtech’s iFace, a 7” in-vehicle tool or the driver, and NextGen, a real-time back-office system for staff, you can tackle your maintenance processes head-on!

vehicle maintenance workflow

Upgrading your workflow

pre trip checklist

Pre Trip Checklist

Pre-Trip Checklist for NHVAS ensures drivers are declaring readiness for duty and complying with Chain of Responsibility obligations. It allows the operating driver to go through a pre-defined and company checklist of configurable items in order to meet maintenance requirements under the NHVAS.

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vehicle maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance Module

The Vehicle Maintenance module allows fleet and workshop managers to easily monitor the maintenance and schedules of operating vehicles. It’s simple structure allows you to easily view and create schedules for vehicles, helping you stay on top of compliance obligations and operational requirements.

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how does the workflow work?

How does it work?

The combination of the Pre-Trip Checklist app and the Vehicle Maintenance module is powerful. Vehicles are up-and-running faster, ensuring for a more streamlined, safer and compliant operation. But how does this work?

vehicle maintenance workflow

Driver Declaration Alerts Scheduling Completed Works
Prior to starting their trip, the driver simply declares the vehicle’s readiness for duty using the Pre-Trip checklist application on the iFace. This information is then immediately submitted for back-office staff via NextGen. When a checklist is submitted with a failed answer, an alert is raised notifying subscribed staff. This means maintenance staff are able to spring into action. The alert will display the items failed with the ability to view the entire checklist. The alert allows the vehicle to be scheduled in for maintenance before it even leaves the depot or upon its return. This allows the workshop staff to plan ahead by ordering parts for the fixes required. The maintenance crew are able to attend to the vehicle as indicated on the checklist along with any other works required. The vehicle is quickly and easily returned to duty, ensuring the operation is efficient as ever.