Mt Noorat Freighters

24 July, 2013

Customer profile
Mt Noorat Freighters, based in Terang in Victoria’s western district is a bulk haulage transport operator. Established in 1996, the company has a fleet of 20 vehicles delivering stockfeed, grain, fertiliser and other bulk products throughout Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and southern Queensland.

Industry Transport

Location Terang, Victoria

Transtech’s full complement of in-cab and compliance technology has helped Mt Noorat Freighters streamline its processes. By substantially reducing and automating large amounts of back-end administration work required of its drivers and office staff, Mt Noorat Freighters now has more control over its data and is able to easily provide assurance of compliance to regulatory and safety bodies.


  • A single in-cab device provides drivers with one central point to submit pre-trip checklists, on board mass declarations and fatigue information electronically;
  • In-cab driver assistance with speed management;
  • Real-time alerts and notifications for back-office administrative staff;
  • Audio and visual aids for drivers as events occur;
  • Reduction in driver speed and fatigue violations;
  • A positive shift in drivers’ perception of in-cab technology;
  • Reduction in paperwork and loss of information; and,
  • Reports available on-demand in real-time.

Business overview
Serving Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and southern Queensland, Mt Noorat Freighters is a bulk haulage company specialising in stockfeed, grain and other agricultural products.

Established in 1996 by the Moloney family the company has 35 employees operating a fleet of 20 Western Star and Kenworth trucks on a continuous 24×7 schedule.




“With our previous system, the GPS devices weren’t what we had been promised and we were offered no customer support or feedback,” said Mt Noorat Freighters’ Systems Manager Scott Guthrie.

Mt Noorat Freighters decided to part ways with its previous supplier in 2011, and Guthrie began searching for a new supplier to assist the company in two strategic areas. The company required the new system to reduce the amount of administration work undertaken by back office staff, as well as help meet legal requirements regarding NHVAS compliance along with fatigue and speed management.

Guthrie and his team identified three additional characteristics for the company’s next provider; to supply the desired technology, be a strong cultural fit with Mt Noorat Freighters and have expertise in and a dedication to the transport industry.




Throughout late 2011 and early 2012, Guthrie and his team attended trade shows and industry events throughout Victoria and New South Wales. Mt Noorat first met Transtech at the Victorian Transport Association Conference in Melbourne.

After meeting with close to 10 different transport providers, Mt Noorat Freighters eventually decided that a combination of CMS’s Freight2020 transport management system and Transtech’s in-cab and compliance technology was best suited to its requirements.

Mt Noorat Freighters saw that Transtech and CMS were genuine partners, and they were impressed with the companies’ demonstration of their partnership with other customers. “Many of our customers realise that at some stage, they need or may already have in place a transport-focused ERP system. They also realise that no single supplier can do both transport management systems and mobility, or compliance solutions,” said Transtech’s Business Development Manager Paul Weiss.

The solution went live in October 2012 and Mt Noorat drivers and back-office administrative staff realised immediate benefits.

“Once the drivers realised that the solutions in place would greatly limit the amount of paperwork and mass management they needed to complete themselves, they recognised it was a tool just as much for themselves as for our back office staff,” said Guthrie.




Mt Noorat Freighters’ new back-end host transport management system has increased productivity in its office. Staff can track all vehicles via the OnTrack system and produce on-demand trip and driver efficiency reports. It allows staff to monitor speed and fatigue levels which has resulted in fewer driver violations.

“The administration side of things has improved by 100%,” said Guthrie.

“Previously, we were doing double the data entry, as drivers would compile their own information and back-office staff would have to enter it into our systems. Now, this no longer has to be done twice, and staff have more time to concentrate on what they are supposed to be working on.”

The iFace, an in-cab touchscreen device, allows drivers to receive their jobs and communicate with the office via on-screen messaging. Drivers can easily and quickly enter their pre-trip checklists, declare vehicle mass and view when their next rest break is required.

From a single in-cab device, a driver can:

  • Complete their pre-trip checklists
  • Communicate via messaging to the office
  • Declare vehicle mass for NHVAS compliance
  • View a summary of fatigue information all in real-time including the next rest break required; and
  • Use it as a turn-by-turn navigation system.

As a small business in a heavily populated industry, Mt Noorat Freighters have been incredibly satisfied with the hands-on service received from Transtech throughout the entire process.

Apart from being a strong cultural fit and having expertise in the transport and logistics industry, Guthrie has found that Transtech’s after sales service and support has fulfilled Mt Noorat’s expectations.

“If we have a problem, it gets looked at. We’re a partner, not just a customer,” said Guthrie.

Mt Noorat is utilising a range of in-cab and compliance technology solutions. These are delivered from the driver via the iFace, an in-vehicle touchscreen computer, to back-office administrative staff via NextGen applications and OnTrack. This is complimented with CMS’s Freight2020 transport management system delivering measurable benefits for both its drivers and office staff.

Over the next six months, the company is planning to integrate the Freight2020 system – which provides the billing and operational ERP – with its current Transtech solutions.

“The combination of Freight2020 and Transtech’s NextGen product set will allow Mt Noorat Freighters to dispatch jobs directly to the driver – and when they complete the job, all the accounting and billing information will be transferred from the truck into the system,” said Weiss.