ATN “Type Approval for 5 telematics units”

29 July, 2015

Transtech’s in-vehicle technology gets the vital nod from Transport Certification Australia.

The first in-vehicle telematics units have received type-approval from Transport Certification Australia (TCA). Technology developer Transtech Driven received the all-important tick for five of its in-vehicle product offerings.

TCA CEO Chris Koniditsiotis says the units are the first to meet the stringent Telematics IVU Functional and Technical Specification.

“These five type-approved in-vehicle units are equipped to support multiple applications, consistent with the principles of the national telematics framework, the policy framework for intelligent transport systems in Australia, and international standards,” he says.

“The availability gives end-users peace of mind that their telematics hardware will have the capacity to accommodate the technical and functional prerequisites necessary to meet reliability, accuracy, integrity and security expectations.”

The type-approval also applies to existing in-vehicle units of the same specifications already in circulation.

“Transtech’s IVU and its compliance-based applications, were part of its design specification and ensuring type certification was a primary goal,” Transtech CEO Andrew Rossington says.

“All of Transtech’s clients who have purchased one of our in-vehicle units over the years now have the additional benefit that their existing units are type-approved, ensuring compatibility with existing regulatory programs in which Transtech is certified.”

Each type-approved telematics in-vehicle unit will come with a certificate of conformance, and a unique identifier, issued by TCA.

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