CRT News / Prime Mover “Transtech launches Vehicle Performance Monitor”

30 August, 2013

Transtech has announced the launch of its new Vehicle Performance Monitor (VPM) for the transport and logistics industry.

According to Transtech, the VPM has been added to Transtech’s NextGen architecture, building on its ability to provide a complete portal of information inclusive of fleets, vehicles, drivers, compliance and more.

“Operators require the tools and visibility to assist them in maintaining their equipment to maximise its efficiency and return on investment. Ensuring high productivity is paramount to business efficiency and profitability,” said Transtech’s CEO Andrew Rossington.

The VPM’s features include insight into fuel usage and excessive revving, as well as data reporting capabilities.

“VPM is a tool that monitors the vehicle and associated driver behaviour assisting in improving performance and efficiency. Operators now have the ability to offer drivers incentive on enhanced driving practices,” Rossington added.

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