ATN “Evolving technology in Transport and Logistics”

21 August, 2015

New products and applications keep rolling in as transport and distribution IT gets more sophisticated

Technology and its accompanying software are playing an increased role in day-to-day operations of transport and logistics companies, from drivers to office staff.

But the directions of these developments are as diverse as the problems they are hoping to solve.


Transtech has had a big 12 months, culminating in news that its in-vehicle units (IVUs) are the first to get the Transport Certification Australia (TCA) tick in the type-approval process for telematics providers.

TCA guidelines seek to provide transport operators with an informed purchasing choice and require products to meet a minimum standard of reliability, accuracy, integrity and security.

Designed with compliance in mind, Transtech’s solution revolves around its NextGen subscription service that connects fleet operators with the company’s 7-inch (18cm) iFace tablets in the driver’s cabin.

The cloud-based portal, suitable for IAP and OBM markets, allows office staff to monitor a vehicle’s speed, compliance, real-time load and mass limits, location and engine state In the last 12 months, through the NextGen portal, Transtech has expanded its offering with the addition of Easydocs, SmartJobs and Sentinel 4.

Easydocs provides an electronic storage cupboard for documents, freeing up space in the cabin and providing a location for significant numbers of permits, notices and driver handbooks.

For iFace and Android devices, Transtech has provided a job management platform in SmartJobs. The platform can be tailored to suit a fleet’s operational workflow and sync with freight management systems.

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