Field Service Business “Transtech Sentinel electronic work diary”

6 July, 2015

Sentinel, Transtech’s Electronic Work Diary (EWD), gives transport operators a fresh look into the complex world of fatigue compliance, helping both back-office staff and drivers to manage their obligations to Australia’s fatigue laws and the chain of responsibility (CoR).

Sentinel provides real-time fatigue information to the driver and back-office staff based on the driver’s current fatigue management rule set and now includes an extensive list of new and upgraded features. It provides the ability for the driver to be ‘offline’ for days or weeks and still provide full fatigue information to the driver. This means that operators can manage fatigue while in remote areas with low or no network connectivity.

Sentinel allows the user to access fatigue information, set up real-time alerts, view detailed reports and more from anywhere with an internet connection. The operator is presented with a new window into driver fatigue with a clearer and more informative view. Sentinel is an enterprise-grade solution that supports all fatigue management rules and rule sets along with custom rules specifically tailored for an organisation.

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