Field Service Business “Transtech in-vehicle units obtain TCA Type-Approval”

28 July, 2015

Transport Certification Australia (TCA) is a national government body responsible for providing assurance in the use of telematics and related intelligent technologies. TCA’s mission is to provide assurance to governments, industry sectors and end users in the use of telematics and related intelligent technologies to enable improved surface transport outcomes in productivity, safety and efficiency to be realised.

In 2013, TCA launched the Certified Telematics Service (CTS) program, which references a nationally agreed suite of technical, functional, business and legal requirements, and leverages TCA’s established certification and audit program for telematics for Australian governments.

In response to the increasing use of telematics in-vehicle units (IVUs), TCA has developed a system for Type-Approval of IVUs against a Telematics In-Vehicle Unit (IVU) Functional and Technical Specification.

Now Transtech’s IVUs have become the first in Australia to be Type-Approved by TCA. The IVUs have been designed, built, tested and delivered for the IAP (Intelligent Access Program) and OBM (On-Board Mass) market with forward planning to the upcoming EWD (Electronic Work Diary) program.

Transport operators are turning to technology to help manage contracts, service levels and obligations to the chain of responsibility (CoR). The Type-Approval promotes a stepping-stone toward CTS technology for the highest level of accuracy in the IVU’s evidentiary and court-enforceable data it produces.

IVUs provide a specialised range of features including secure data logging, tamper evidence and integrated ability for GPS vehicle tracking. Connected to the cellular network for the effective communication of information, the device is built for not only fleet and location management applications; it also delivers a vital link to engine management for vehicle and driver behaviour and onboard scales for OBM applications.

“Transtech’s IVU and its compliance-based applications were part of its design specification and ensuring type certification was a primary goal. Outside of the compliance market, the IVU provides a connection to speed monitoring, location management, engine management and onboard scales. Our customers gain surety in the quality and accuracy of the IVU,” said Andrew Rossington, chief executive officer at Transtech.

“Importantly, all of Transtech’s clients who have purchased one of our IVUs over the years now have the additional benefit that their existing IVUs are Type-Approved, ensuring compatibility with existing regulatory programs in which Transtech is certified,” he added.

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