Fleet Auto News “Truck law passed to include electronic work diaries”

8 October, 2015

The Heavy Vehicle National Law Amendment has passed the Qld Parliament, enshrining electronic work diaries, or EWDs, as a voluntary option to written work diaries across Australia.

“That’s the biggest news that’s happened for a while in regards to EWD progress,” said Andrew Rossington, CEO of Transtech, a supplier of telematics for the transport industry.

The passing of the amendment, foreshadowed by Fleet Auto News early in September, was the culmination of years of consultation, including a pilot project of EWDs in trucks.

The next step is the issue of an approved specification for EWDs. That’s in the hands of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator. NHVR said such a spec will be ready “early 2016”.

“We’re a big supporter of getting this implemented,” said Rossington. “We have a lot of customers investing in type-approved equipment now and being able to add the EWD capability to it will add value for them. All of them are saying this is going to be so much better for us.”

So-called type-approved equipment refers to conformity with a specification of Transport Certification Australia for use with other telematics functions, including tracking, navigation, fleet management and meeting other regulations.

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