Global Logistics Media “Transtech becomes the first to obtain TCA Type-Approval for its current range of In-Vehicle Units”

20 July, 2015

Transtech’s In-Vehicle Units (IVU) have become the first in Australia to be Type-Approved by Transport Certification Australia (TCA). The use of Type-Approved IVUs ensure Transtech’s customers continue to obtain strong assurance in the use of its telematics, peace of mind for its services and a platform for the future.

Transtech’s IVUs have proved themselves as a strong investment; designed, built, tested and delivered for the IAP (Intelligent Access Program) and OBM (On-Board Mass) market with forward-planning to the upcoming EWD (Electronic Work Diary) program.

Transport operators are turning to technology to help manage contracts, service levels and obligations to the Chain of Responsibility (CoR). Transtech’s IVUs provide the confidence to rely on the quality of the information it produces. The Type-Approval promotes a stepping-stone toward CTS technology for the highest level of accuracy in the IVUs evidentiary and court-enforceable data it produces.

At the heart of the vehicle, Transtech’s IVU is a reliable, flexible and robust solution for operators. It provides a specialised range of features including secure data logging, tamper evidence, integrated ability for GPS vehicle tracking and more. Connected to the cellular network for the effective communication of information, the IVU is built for not only fleet and location management applications; it also delivers a vital link to engine management for vehicle and driver behaviour and on-board scales for On-Board Mass applications. It is the fleet management tool of choice for progressive transport operators in Australia.

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