Prime Mover / CRT “Transtech shortlisted as C-ITS vendor”

25 September, 2015

Transport Certification Australia (TCA) and VicRoads have named Transtech as one of the shortlisted vendors to demonstrate an innovative Cooperative Intelligent Transport System (C-ITS) solution through the Industry Framework for Road Freight ITS and Associated Technologies, which is set to be deployed over the next 12 months.

The Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is a guideline for the application of technology within real-world transport environments, from traffic management through to vehicle infrastructure and vehicle-to-vehicle communication. The framework is set out for Victoria will simplify the introduction of ITS, testing the technology for its practical effectiveness and application to the transport industry.

Transtech said it was aiming for a swift, efficient implementation to provide a consistent and innovative approach to the application of telematics. Transtech aims to stay true to its forward-thinking nature, proposing a simple yet highly effective multipurpose application for heavy vehicles.

“There is an opportunity to provide the transport industry with geo-spatial information of the road-network along with access permissions, that is layered on with value-added information for the driver in the vehicle and logistics coordinators in the office,” said Andrew Rossington, CEO of Transtech (pictured).

The benefits of the strategy are said to be “significant” and could provide value to the transport operator and the public, as well as the road agency.

“Ranging from safer road travel for the community to assisting in managing growth in the industry, the ITS framework and Transtech’s solution provides an intelligent approach to routes, access conditions, asset protection, physical constraints, landmark attributes and time based applications to provide a value-added strategy,” Rossington said.

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