Prime Mover / CRT “Transtech units receive TCA approval”

28 July, 2015

Australian transport and logistics technology company, Transtech, has become the first company in Australia to have its In-Vehicle Units (IVU) approved by Transport Certification Australia (TCA).

“Transtech’s IVU and its compliance-based applications, were part of its design specification and ensuring type certification was a primary goal,” said Andrew Rossington, Chief Executive Officer at Transtech.

“Outside of the compliance market, the IVU provides a connection to speed monitoring, location management, engine management and on-board scales. Our customers gain surety in the quality and accuracy of the IVU.

“Importantly, all of Transtech’s clients who have purchased one of our IVUs over the years now have the additional benefit that their existing IVUs are Type-Approved, ensuring compatibility with existing regulatory programs in which Transtech is certified.
Transtech’s IVU provides a specialised range of features including secure data logging, tamper evidence and integrated ability for GPS vehicle tracking.

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