“Am I Compliant?” An initiative by Transtech

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Transtech, the leader in transport compliance and mobility solutions, has launched Am I Compliant – a website focused on spreading knowledge about compliance, regulation, technology and safety to the transport and logistics industry.

What is compliance? Why should I comply? The Am I Compliant website takes a positive view of compliance. It focuses on the responsibilities involved with complying to fatigue management, speed management, mass management and vehicle maintenance laws and regulations.

Am I Compliant is designed to educate transport operators and their team of managers, supervisors, staff, drivers and the general public. It discusses compliance and what it means, what it entails, what can affect it and how the benefits can be felt through the transport chain.

Did you know? Complying with mass regulations can save the Victorian community more than 4.5 billion vehicle kilometres, 94 fatal crashes and a further 114 fatalities nationally.(1)

A negative connotation is placed on heavy vehicles and the industry in the public eye – often branded as “monster trucks”. The website allows for a better understanding to help create a positive company atmosphere – allowing senior management to rethink their compliance efforts and prove that their operation is having a positive impact.

“We wanted to create a way that anyone can find out the right facts about compliance, the responsibility it entails and safety,” said Andrew Rossington, Chief Executive Officer of Transtech.

“The Chain of Responsibility (CoR) governs operational ethics and morality; we want the public to know that the Australian transport and logistics industry is one of the most forward thinking in the world.”

Did you know? In 2012, freight vehicles travelled 194,033 million tonne-kilometres (tonnes multiplied by the distance travelled) in Australia.(2)

Compliance is about reducing the risk of avoidable accidents whilst on the road, keeping the heavy-vehicle driver and the wider community safe.

Am I Compliant shows Transtech’s commitment to the industry and demonstrates its combined wealth of knowledge of over 25 years of industry experience.

Visit www.amicompliant.com.au to discover all you can about compliance, technology and safety.

(1) Ausroads preliminary research. VicRoads ‘Moving More with Less’ report.

(2) Australian Bureau of Statistics Survey of Motor Vehicle Use, Australia.