Higher Mass Limits in New South Wales

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New South Wales Minister for Roads and Freight, the Hon. Duncan Gay and NHVR Chief Executive Sal Petroccitto made an exciting announcement at the recent Livestock & Bulk Carriers Association (LBCA) Conference in Jindabyne.

In NSW, the process for accessing Higher Mass Limits (HML) programs will become a considerably simpler and more efficient process for Transport Operators.

Higher Mass Limit vehicles under the IAP will soon no longer require individual permits to access the existing HML road-network in New South Wales. NSW RMS and the NHVR are currently formalising arrangements to execute this change.

Whilst an anticipated commencement date of April 3rd is being worked towards, please be aware that until formal notification is made by RMS and the NHVR, the current permit process will still apply.

Transtech will keep you updated with progress when more is announced so watch this space.


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