Important Notice: No IAP service interruption in the transition from Transtech to Navman Wireless

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As you may now be aware, the Transtech Driven Partnership (“Transtech”) has been acquired by Navman Wireless Australia PTY Limited (“Navman”).

As a result of this acquisition, your IAP services are currently provided by Navman under a subcontracting arrangement with Transtech during the transition period.

One of the steps involved in the transition will be to move exisiting IAP customers onto new IAP Service Agreements with Navman, which includes a new IAP Service Provider/Transport Operator Agreement.

By now, you should have received a pack that includes all necessary service agreements, transport operator agreements and/or direct debit/credit card authority forms for your company. Along with this pack, is a checklist that outlines each item that must be completed.

As a reminder, please read through all the documentation supplied and sign all the necessary paperwork. This must be completed by an authorised representative of your company and all copies returned to Transtech in the supplied return envelope.

Please note, if all the paperwork is received by the 18th of March, there will be NO disruption to your IAP services during the transition period.

If you have any queries regarding this change or the process set out out in the pack, please contact Anthony Laras on 03 9889 3100.