Mass Manager for NHVAS – Simplifying your NHVAS compliance

13 March, 2013

Australia’s leading provider of integrated mobile transport solutions has designed a set of applications to assist transport operators to manage their NHVAS requirements.

Utilising iFace Gen2, the next generation in-vehicle touch screen computer, Transtech delivers powerful NHVAS management applications to drivers and transport operators. Utilising an iFace and the NextGen Portal, drivers and transport operators are able to effectively manage their NHVAS information with ease.

“Our Mass Manager for NHVAS solution aims at reducing the administration overhead that transport operators have in undertaking their compliance responsibilities. Mass Manager is designed specifically for ease of use in the cab therefore ensuring a simple transition for drivers away from paper based systems. Our feedback from clients has been unanimous in the need to automate paper-based tasks – both in-cab and in the back office. Mass Manager compliments Sentinel, our market leading fatigue application along with sister applications such as Pre-Trip checklists.” said Andrew Rossington, Chief Operating Officer at Transtech.

“The continued success of the iFace Gen2 in-cab computer provides a single point within the cab to manage compliance and work based activities. Mass Manager for NHVAS is another example of apps available for the iFace”

Mass Management
Mass Manager for NHVAS is Transtech’s latest offering, assisting transport operators with the collection of NHVAS mass management information. The Mass Manager application gives drivers the ability to record axle group mass and vehicle configuration directly on the iFace. The information is available immediately in the office for printing or ready for exporting via Excel for NHVAS auditors. Mass Manager eliminates paperwork from the truck and the office at the same time, allowing productivity savings by eliminating the need to re-key data and offering higher accuracy in NHVAS information.

Pre-Trip Checklist
The electronic Pre-Trip Checklist for NHVAS, a sister application, ensures the drivers are declaring readiness for duty and complying with Chain of Responsibility obligations. The transport operator is able to specify a driver and vehicle checklist. Upon commencement of duty, the driver will complete the pre-defined checklist, the information is then available to back office staff once the driver has submitted the checklist.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Ability to record mass against axle group load or single quantity
  • Choose from a different number of measures for weight
  • Configurable to the vehicles
  • Define your own pre-trip vehicle and driver checklist
  • ‘Real-time’ reporting
  • Simple and easy for operators/drivers to enter data
  • Productivity savings – no need to re-key data and reduce the amount of paper work.

Download the press release: Mass Manager for NHVAS – Simplifying your compliance