New compliance cloud-based PAYG solution to revolutionise the transport and logistics industry

12 November, 2013

Australian transport and logistics technology company, Transtech, has today launched Sentinel and compliance services in a cloud-based model, with a Pay As You Go (PAYG) transport fatigue and compliance solution. It is aimed at making compliance technology more affordable and within reach for all companies, from an owner-driver through to multi-fleet national operations.

The solution will help operators be in a position to comply with regulatory requirements including driver fatigue management, speed compliance, mass management, vehicle compliance and even tracking – all provided through the iFace, a platform that provides multiple solutions from the one device.

With an ever-increasing consumption of tablet-based communications platforms, Transtech has developed an all-encompassing solution giving transport and logistics companies more cost-effective and regulatory-centric applications.

“Functionality is paramount to ensuring that usage of new technologies in the transport industry powers better performance, greater compliance to regulatory requirements and general health and safety,” said Andrew Rossington, CEO of Transtech.

“A cloud-based compliance model is suited to the transport industry, reducing set-up costs and making it accessible to all companies, large and small. One of the biggest hurdles that smaller transport and logistics companies face is costs, with reductions in margin due to increases in fuel and maintenance costs coupled with wages,” he added.

This cloud-based model is a game-changer for the industry. For the first time, it will deliver a solution that encompasses all necessary technology. Operators can now easily adhere to NHVAS accreditation requirements and monitor the overall health and safety of drivers. As part of the NextGen suite of products, the solution also provides operational efficiencies and productivity goals.

The PAYG Compliance solution allows for:

  • Drivers to become notably less paperwork centric. The solution is easy to use and designed for the industry, allowing for drivers to easily adhere to the various compliance requirements.
  • No need for re-typing, producing a paperless environment alleviating the pressures of compliance and administrative paperwork requirements for back-office staff and their managers.
  • Operators to manage compliance for fleets at a fraction of the cost and time taken with the use of the iFace.
  • All application updates with no additional costs.
  • Access to an online training portal – a 24/7 repository of information and training videos available to staff and drivers to become confident using Transtech’s product.

This all-in-one cloud-based solution includes the iFace tablet complete with mounting bracket, Sentinel fatigue management, Pre-trip checklist, Mass Manager and SpeedAssist. There is also the ability to add applications to the iFace, e.g. SmartNav, QuickJobs delay and job tracking, Messaging and more.

The PAYG compliance solution is a technology revolution within the industry. Transtech is focused on adapting technologies and applications to meet all operator obligations and has been an integral part of the Electronic Work Diary (EWD) trials.