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5 April, 2016

Coogee looked for a telematics provider that could meet their very stringent compliance and Chain of Responsibility (CoR) obligations when carting extremely dangerous goods. Along with driver fatigue management and pre and post-trip check sequences, there was a need for a detailed trip plan.

20 January, 2016

Taking advantage of the PBS scheme, IOR Petroleum’s new PBS tankers have increased productivity and efficiency in their business and join over 3,300 PBS-approved heavy vehicle combinations in Australia today. The PBS combination developed for IOR are 39.9m AB-triples of 118 tonnes GVM at Higher Mass Limits (HML).

1 December, 2015

Porthaul strives to provide its customers with the most effective and efficient service to meet diverse transport requirements. Porthaul has introduced four PBS-approved modular A-Double tippers to its fleet to help increase productivity. At Higher Mass Limits (HML), achieved through the IAP, the new combination has a maximum payload of 85.5t, a whole seven tonne more than the previous quad-quad Super B-Doubles.

31 July, 2015

Effectively and efficiently managing jobs helps maximise profitability and customer service. Tradelink required a job management system that could adapt to them. Even though the workflow was simple, they required a solution that could scale and expand as they did; both robust and simple in nature.

11 February, 2015

Peter Hart, Managing Director of Grainhart Transport, is a real deal Aussie farmer come transport operator. The Hart family have been farming for generations with Peter taking the reins of the farm based out of Oakey, 30 minutes west of Toowoomba, QLD.

29 October, 2014

Based in South Dandenong Victoria, Wettenhall Logistics VIC specialises in transporting containers to and from the Port of Melbourne for importers/exporters in the south east of Melbourne. They are one of the first operators to run ‘Super B-Doubles’ through Melbourne under VicRoads ‘Moving More with Less’ HPFV scheme.

9 October, 2014

M&A Taylor Transport Services P/L is an owner-driver based company from Altona, Victoria. Mark Taylor subcontracts to a number of local transport operators in the area, carting freight throughout the state and into New South Wales.

1 September, 2014

Scott Corporation is renowned for its track record in safety; it provides a safe work culture for all its staff, drivers and customers. Scott Corp’s fleets, in this case – Chemtrans, have implemented Transtech’s complete compliance solution to help tackle safety and driver compliance issues head-on.

31 July, 2014

Zarb Road Transport is based in North Queensland that operate on a continuous 24/7 schedule for around six months of the year, during the sugar cane season. To fight these challenges, Zarb has introduced Transtech’s Sentinel fatigue management and vehicle pre-trip checklist solution to help prevent driver fatigue breaches and help manage the daily maintenance and condition of its operating vehicles.

31 October, 2013

It’s no secret, that gaining access to extended road networks and the availability to use vehicle combinations with greater freight capacity where possible is a real boost to a company’s efficiency and productivity. It’s all within reach too, once a route is opened in the Australian road network for heavy vehicles, it’s a simple and straight forward process to gain access.

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