Transtech launches Vehicle Performance Monitor for transport and logistics industries

28 August, 2013

Transtech today announced the launch of Vehicle Performance Monitor (VPM) for the transport and logistics industry. The solution has been added to Transtech’s NextGen architecture, building on its ability to provide a complete portal of information inclusive of fleets, vehicles, drivers, compliance and more.

One of the biggest investments made by a transport operator lies in its fleet of vehicles, which comprise a significant capital cost. Vehicles need to be utilised for a long as possible to minimise the capital cost per kilometre travelled. In addition to the purchase price of the vehicle, operators pay extensive ongoing costs such as fuel, maintenance and general wear and tear.

Transtech’s CEO Andrew Rossington commented on the importance of vehicle and equipment maintenance to organisations in the transport and logistics industries. “Operators require the tools and visibility to assist them in maintaining their equipment to maximise its efficiency and return on investment. Ensuring high productivity is paramount to business efficiency and profitability” he said.

Benefits provided by the VPM include:

  • Insight into vital information on the critical issues that affect vehicle performance
    • Ability to see if a vehicle is running at optimal performance levels; if the vehicle is using too much fuel; if the vehicle is excessively revving and more
  • Reporting capabilities
    • Displays important metrics and information in an easy-to-understand format for interpretation
  • Increased longevity
    • Lower fuel usage and, in turn, maintenance repairs that are required increasing the vehicle’s lifespan

Each VPM metric – including excessive acceleration, fuel consumption, harsh braking, idle-time and over-revving – provides the user with a comprehensive report listing all events within the chosen parameters. Speed versus altitude graphs, point-by-point map displays and second-by-second event data are some of the advanced features that can be analysed and utilised by the operator and their administrative staff.

With an increased focus on driver behaviour in the transport and logistics industry, the operator can proactively reward good behaviour using the tools that VPM provides. Companies can provide incentive for their drivers to operate vehicles at increased efficiency levels. VPM doesn’t focus solely on after-the-fact, it allows for potential issues to be resolved prior to occurring, reducing the downtime of vehicles leading to the reduction in the capital cost of the vehicles.

“VPM is a tool that monitors the vehicle and associated driver behaviour assisting in improving performance and efficiency. Operators now have the ability to offer drivers incentive on enhanced driving practices,” said Mr. Rossington.

“Its launch demonstrates Transtech’s position as the country’s leading provider of compliance and mobility solutions to the transport and logistics sector.”