Transtech is now approved to provide On Board Mass services nationally.

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Transport Certification Australia (TCA) has recently extended its Interim On-Board Mass (OBM) solution beyond Queensland to all jurisdictions that wish to adopt the program.

As an early adopter of the Interim OBM program, Transtech currently remains the sole approved Queensland Transport and Main Roads (TMR) Interim OBM provider. Continuing this, Transtech has now been granted approval by the TCA to provide real-time Interim OBM solutions to Victoria (VicRoads) and New South Wales (Roads and Maritime Services).

The Interim On Board Mass Program provides operators with the opportunity to increase payload and utilise vehicle combinations that have not been previously possible, including PBS A-Doubles, Truck and Dogs along with Road Trains. It helps provide unprecedented access to local ports, increasing operational efficiency and gains in productivity. Gaining access can be a crucial move for an operator because it unlocks specific vehicles to complete specific tasks. For example, the use of A-Double vehicle combinations unlocks the ability to carry two 40ft containers into the port. Without access, only a 40ft and a 20ft container is permitted on a B-Double. The productivity gains are measurable and substantial.

Access to the program is achieved by installing Transtech’s IAP certified In-Vehicle Unit and selected pre-approved on-board scales to operating vehicles and applying to the program. The transport operator can then apply to gain access to Higher Mass Limits (HML) and the extended road-network, providing a unique set of productivity benefits.

The move to an On-Board Mass solution is especially important to many transport operations around eastern Australia. The benefits are measurable – some of Transtech’s customers are seeing up to a 50% savings in the number of trips, 40% reduction in fuel costs and more. As an example of the Program, operators can now carry two 40ft containers into the Port of Brisbane – a significant payload increase.

“We make sure we develop import and export solutions together so we can reduce the inefficiency of running empty; being able to carry two 40ft containers at once was critical. The advantages have been significant and the benefits don’t reduce over time,” said Brett Plummer, Managing Director at SEQH Group. “Our customers have certainly benefited from lower pricing, which allows us to remain highly competitive.” He added.

“We welcome the opportunity to work with Transport Operators and assist them in presenting their case to state jurisdictions for increased mass concessions,” said Anthony Laras, National Service Delivery Manager at Transtech. “Our team has already been successful in gaining access for operators across a number of programs and we look forward to the benefits this will bring to industry,” he added.

Transtech’s solution automates the measuring of weights in real-time with powerful reporting services. Transtech is able to accurately ensure to both the jurisdictional body and to the operator that the vehicle is complying with mass and route restrictions.

Transtech is the premier compliance solutions provider. With over 25 years of experience in the transport industry, the company has successfully combined its knowledge with technology to provide truly unique products and solutions.