Transtech provides ongoing support for OnBoard Mass (OBM) in Queensland

26 March, 2013

Transtech is set to offer immediate support and enablement for the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR)’s Version 2.0 of the QLD Interim OBM Program as the new specification is released.

The program provides vehicles the opportunity to carry increased load for Performance Based Standards (PBS) vehicles on the Toowoomba to Port of Brisbane route. Queensland Transport and Main Roads (TMR) have been successfully trialling the Interim Program since August 2010.

Though the current version 1.8 will remain active during the finalisation phase of Version 2.0, Transtech has already made moves to update systems for Version 2.0 in order to quickly comply with the revised specification.

“Transtech has proudly supported the Interim OBM monitoring solution, and will continue to ensure that the OBM data format, relevant standards and procedures will meet Queensland’s Interim OBM Program,” commented Shaun Owen, Chief Executive of Transtech.

SEQH Group implemented the OBM Program September 2010. “IAP and on-board mass monitoring have enabled SEQH to achieve substantial productivity improvements in the movement of grain from Toowoomba to the Port of Brisbane and empty containers to the transport depot on Fisherman Islands,” Brett Plummer, Managing Director of SEQH Group commented.

“Transtech have been an excellent partner in the provision of support of TMR’s Version 2.0 of the OBM Program,” he added.

Combining road transport expertise with excellence in technology innovation, Transtech delivers quality integrated in-cab solutions, along with user friendly back office systems. Capabilities include tracking, navigation, fatigue management, engine management, on-board ‘real-time’ load monitoring, vehicle routing and scheduling along with job execution.

Transtech continues to work closely with transport operators and related jurisdictions to provide leading-edge solutions such as fatigue management, IAP mass declaration, NHVAS compliance, Speed Assist and Smart Navigation.