Transtech releases QuickJobs for demurrage and job measurement

16 May, 2013

Transtech today announced the release of Quick Jobs, a simple yet powerful job and demurrage tracking application. The application runs on the iFace, the next generation in-vehicle touchscreen tablet computer provided by Transtech. Quick Jobs allows transport operators to measure delays in job deliveries and pickups (for example, waiting in queues, machinery breakdowns, etc.), along with transit times and tracking of the vehicle. Currently, no other technology on the market provides such a simple and cost effective mechanism to track jobs and demurrage in real-time.

Quick Jobs runs on iFace, Transtech’s custom-developed tablet device. The 7” touch-screen tablet device is an in-vehicle solution that is mountable and portable. It is used for other compliance-related applications apart from Quick Jobs, including fatigue management, speed management, engine management and real-time on-board mass management. These applications work to assist transport operators to meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

Quick Jobs allows transport operators to gather insight into efficiency and time management with regard to specific routes and jobs. Given the ability to track and measure detention or delays in real-time (more commonly known in the industry as ‘demurrage’) means that transport operators will be able to accurately measure the time and cost of all delays.

Shaun Owen, CEO of Transtech commented on the impact of demurrage on transport companies. “Demurrage can cost a transport operator an average of $400-$500 per hour. For larger companies especially, this can add up to significant amounts that previously could only be estimated,” he said.

“Transport operators will now have the ability to accurately retrieve information on a per job basis to more effectively report to clients and manage over fleet efficiencies and billing,” he concluded.

Quick Jobs adds to the suite of applications on the iFace, making it a truly ‘all in one’ solution addressing compliance management requirements.