Transtech to support Certified Telematics Service

9 April, 2013

Following the recent launch of the Certified Telematics Service (CTS) from Transport Certification Australia (TCA), Transtech will be offering immediate support for the CTS.

Australia’s leading provider of integrated mobile transport solutions and compliance solutions will assist potential program operators with expertise and technology to underpin the Certified Telematics Service.

Transtech is an established provider of certified compliance solutions and will work with companies via CTS through established Type Certified In-Vehicle Units and comprehensive industry knowledge surrounding compliance.

The rapid growth in use of systems which utilise GPS has allowed companies to easily monitor the location and operation of vehicles and associated assets through telematic systems, providing measurable economic, environment and safety benefits. Adding CTS certification provides an additional level of assurance.

“Our drive in development, technology and push for innovation is what makes Transtech the first choice for many of Australia’s transport operators,” said Transtech’s Chief Operations Officer, Andrew Rossington.

“Given the abundance of low-cost and low-quality GPS devices, CTS provides a framework for Transtech to provide a high level of assurance for commercial location-based information.”