Transtech welcomes NSW B-Triple Network Expansion

7 August, 2013

Melbourne, 7 August 2013 – Modular B-Triple combinations will be able to access the 225 kilometre stretch of the Newell highway between Narrabri and Goondiwindi from late August.

Last week, New South Wales Minister of Roads and Ports Duncan Gay outlined the plans that will allow transport operators to benefit from the ability to carry up to 90.5t under Higher Mass Limits (HML).

“This is a great window of opportunity for operators in the Newell highway area, including those travelling to the Port of Brisbane. This new capacity to carry more freight will help operators with increased levels of efficiency in operations and see new heights of productivity gains,” says Transtech CEO Andrew Rossington.

Transtech provides transport operators with a variety of simple tools to manage IAP and NHVAS compliance via the iFace, a 7” in-cab touchscreen tablet computer. Compliance applications available for purchase for the iFace include Mass Manager for NHVAS, Sentinel Fatigue Management Pre-Trip Checklist and SpeedAssist.

The growing IAP network across Australia ensures Transtech’s industry-leading solutions are essential for greater access to the road network, IAP and NHVAS compliance.


  • Modular B-Triples provide a safer and more efficient way of carrying road freight.
  • Modular B-Triples are safer than the current permitted combinations on this route, due to their manoeuvrability and handling performance and ability to better track the road.
  • A semi-trailer operating under Higher Mass Limits (HML) will require approximately 37 trips to transport 1,000 tonnes of freight, whereas modular B-Triples require 17 trips for the same tonnage.
  • The Newell highway addition to the IAP network will assist in linking supply chains such as grain, cotton, livestock and farm and mining equipment with the Port of Brisbane and other parts of western, central and southern Queensland.