Transtech’s continued commitment to the On Board Mass program in Queensland

7 May, 2014

Transtech is now approved to offer immediate support and enablement for the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR)’s version 2 of the QLD Interim On Board Mass (OBM) program.

The program provides operators with the opportunity to increase payload when utilising specific vehicle configurations. Along with specialised PBS A-Doubles, Truck and Dogs and Road Trains, the expansion of the road network on routes such as the Port of Brisbane to Toowoomba, permits vehicles to carry increased mass in exchange for being enrolled in the program.

In August 2010, Tramanco and Transtech saw the potential benefits of the OBM program and invested heavily to bring the technology solution to fruition. It has since grown, with E-max and Loadman recently appointed as approved scales providers. Transtech has worked closely with both these companies to offer the OBM solution to transport operators wishing to utilise E-max or Loadman scales. TMR has approved E-max to utilise the Loadmaxx 5800 series scales and Loadman to utilise the Can Coder Scale System LM300 Meter scales.

According to transport operators that are currently enrolled in TMR’s OBM program, the benefits have been significant.

“The benefits are measurable for operators that come on-board the OBM program. The savings and efficiency gains are substantial; we’ve seen customers achieve a 50% reduction in the number of trips, more than 40% reduction in fuel use and a 40% reduction in greenhouse gases. Let’s not forget the savings that can be passed through the entire supply chain,” said Andrew Rossington, Chief Executive Officer at Transtech.

“With the recent approval of E-max and Loadman by TMR, there is now an excellent choice of scales providers for transport operators wishing to enrol in the program,” he added.

The solution automates the measuring of weights in real-time with powerful reporting functionality. Vehicles are fitted with Transtech’s certified In-Vehicle Unit (IVU). The IVU is then connected to electronic scales provided by various OBM scales suppliers. This combination provides assurance to TMR that the operator is complying with permit conditions.

Transtech’s relationship with E-max, Loadman and Tramanco has proved to be a valuable resource. Working closely with electronic scales providers has allowed for accurate data to be captured and assessed.

Transtech remains the only approved QLD Interim OBM supplier. It further cements the ongoing commitment and investment to the industry by participating and providing a solution to regulatory programs that benefit transport operators.