Transtech’s Products

A product to suit your transport operation.

Transtech’s line of products are used in over 300 leading transport companies throughout Australia. From the iFace, an in-vehicle touchscreen computer, to NextGen, the next revolution to your Vehicle and Fleet management, Transtech is committed to providing you with the solution to meet your needs.

Transtech will sit down with you, and listen to your every business need. We’ll then tailor a solution to your business that will not only meet your needs, but take your business further. Our products have been and will always be technologically advanced. We spend the time developing products and programs that are ahead of the curve.

the iface in vehicle technology for the driver

Transtech prides itself on providing the utmost customer service. We’re available to you to answer any questions regarding our products, advice on how to best utilise them, or any problems you may encounter to get your fleet rolling quicker. Transtech stands by it’s products. We hold reverence in the fact that our products will achieve your goals quicker and easier.

For further information on each product, choose a product to see how you can make the most of your operation.


The iFace is Transtech’s next generation in-vehicle touch screen computer. iFace provides the platform to deliver powerful applications to drivers and transport operators. Companies utilising iFace will gain access to a wide range of solutions including IAP mass declarations, Fatigue Management, Job Management & Delay Tracking, Mass Management & Pre-Trip Checklist, Speed Assist and Navigation. Take advantage of the iFace for all your compliance and job management needs.

nextgen back office staff portal

NextGen by Transtech, is the latest vehicle and fleet operational technology solutions available. The solution provides ability to manage your fleet in the one place, from basic fleet and vehicle administration to high level tracking and reporting, it has it all.

The In-Vehicle Unit (IVU) provides a broad range of features including secure data logging, a connection to engine management and on-board scales, with the integrated ability to provide GPS vehicle tracking.

iface in vehicle electronic documents

Easydocs is an application designed to minimise the paperwork and administrative burden operators and drivers face in their day-to-day work. Easydocs allows you to spend less time worrying about the paperwork on board the vehicle. It allows you to get back to ensuring everyone in the supply chain is doing the right thing; that obligations to the Chain of Responsibility can be assured.

iface sentinel fatigue management

Sentinel is a tried and proven Electronic Work Diary (EWD) utilised by some of Australia’s leading and most progressive transport and logistics operators. It ensures a transport operator and its drivers are in the position to comply with all fatigue laws and rule sets implemented across Australia.

Mass Manager & Pre-Trip Checklist

Mass Manager & Pre-Trip Checklist are applications that provide drivers with the ability to record axle group mass, vehicle configuration and pre-journey checklists directly on the iFace, as required under NHVAS regulations.

iface speedassist speed compliance tool

SpeedAssist is a driver tool that provides a simple and powerful interface to assist drivers in maintaining safe driving practices. It combines audio and visual tools and alerts to inform drivers of related issues and allow them to take preventative measures.

iface smartjobs job management

SmartJobs is Transtech’s flexible job management solution that is designed to operate stand-alone or in conjunction with a Freight Management System (FMS). It is a solution available on Android PDA’s and Transtech’s powerful iFace.

iface quickjobs delay demurrage tracking

QuickJobs allows transport operators and drivers to time and measure delays in job deliveries (such as waiting in queues, delays due to machinery breakdowns etc.).

iface smartnav vehicle navigation

SmartNav elegantly guides vehicles through the most difficult of operations and areas around Australia. Transtech continues to provide innovative solutions for customers. SmartNav does so, with concise and simple navigation, clearly marked routes and all necessary distance and time-based information.

iface in vehicle driver messaging

Messaging utilises already proven platforms, that is – the iFace and NextGen, a cloud-based portal, giving access to an application that allows staff to communicate with drivers in vehicles all in real-time.

With the information Vehicle Performance Monitor (VPM) provides, operators are able to proactively reward good driver behaviour and offer behavioural incentives based on sound cost saving metrics. The increased visibility into driver and vehicle efficiency encourages proactive management of operating equipment.