direct route

Direct Route™

Class leading vehicle routing solution

Direct Route™ is a class leading vehicle routing solution. Easy to use and maintain, this powerful package produces superior results in a wide variety of distribution operations.

With a comprehensive set of functions and features enables you to reduce operating expenses – both in the office and on the road – and improve customer service.

Extensive user specified routing rules and parameters allow you to generate routes based on real world operating constraints. Proven globally for close to 20 years in diverse operating environments, Direct Route™ is continuously enhanced to meet the demands of a changing business world. Operating stand alone or integrating with your ERP or ordering system, delivering results that will transform your business.

Direct Route

It is ideal for food service companies, beverage distributors, furniture manufacturers, building supply companies, retail chains, service organisations, healthcare providers… any company that has staff or agents in the field delivering products or services benefits from effective route management software

Helping companies in all industries to lower transportation costs, control field operations and service customers better, many of our clients have found that Direct Route has delivered a full return on initial investment within a few months.

Based on over 20 years of experience working with companies of all sizes, Direct Route™ is designed to assure business goals are met or exceeded as routes are built, and to be both easy to use and fast.


Resource Pro

ResourcePro™ resource scheduling and fleet management software for use with Appian’s DirectRoute™ routing and load optimisation software. The ResourcePro plug-in optimises the drivers and power units required for a daily or weekly route schedule. It provides crucial information for fleet scheduling and strategically planning growth and/or eliminating unnecessary costs.

Improving efficiency doesn’t stop with optimised routes. You need better scheduling for your drivers and trucking fleets as well, and the right-sized fleet plan to meet your current transportation needs. When used as fleet sizing software, ResourcePro uses delivery time windows, equipment restrictions and fatigue management rules to calculate fleet size requirements for any given routing scenario. This also makes ResourcePro an ideal bidding tool for 3PL companies looking to win new business and deliver transportation economies.


Key Features & Benefits

 Reduces Operating Costs

 Improves Customer Service

 Streamlines Route Planning

 Provides What-If Analysis

 Generates ROI in Months – Not Years

 Builds fixed or dynamic daily routes

 Single day, multi-day and one-way routing capabilities

 Financial analysis of routes and fleet operations

 Interfaces to real-time tracking

 Extensive customisable reporting

 Street-level, turn-by-turn driving directions