Easydocs Electronic In Vehicle In Cabin documents


Permits, gazettes, safe driving plans and job dispatch information easily accessible at your driver’s fingertips

Legislative and regulatory programs require documents to be kept in a prime mover at all times. From permits, safe driving plans and job dispatch information through to mass management accreditation and gazettes. Ensuring that these documents are valid and up-to-date is an ongoing challenge.

There are repercussions, such as financial penalties, if required regulatory documentation is not found in the vehicle by an enforcement officer. Other business penalties can apply if a driver cannot produce a copy of his or her induction certificate on a customer site upon arrival to load or deliver goods.

Documents that are not legally required but are useful to the driver, such as safety meeting minutes, site maps, delivery instructions and so forth, can add to the burden. These kinds of documents keep drivers informed of company policies and can provide valuable job information or safety requirements.

The vehicle is not designed to be a filing cabinet or a library. On the 24th of October 2014, the NHVR announced that documents can be kept in full electronically. Transtech’s Easydocs application is your solution for electronic in-vehicle documents. It allows for documents to be kept in full electronically, with a visual display that enables drivers, operators and enforcement officers to read all elements of the document, which are available at any time.

What is Easydocs?

Easydocs is an application designed to minimise the paperwork and administrative burden operators and drivers face in their day-to-day work. Easydocs allows you to spend less time worrying about the paperwork on board the vehicle. It allows you to get back to ensuring everyone in the supply chain is doing the right thing; that obligations to the Chain of Responsibility can be assured.

Easydocs Electronic In Vehicle In Cabin documents

How does Easydocs work?

Easydocs runs on the iFace, Transtech’s in-vehicle touchscreen device. The iFace is a driver tool that is used to view any documents at any time that have been sent from Transtech’s NextGen platform. Easydocs runs alongside other Transtech applications such as Sentinel EWDs, Mass Manager, Pre-Trip Checklist, SpeedAssist and more.

NextGen gives access to operators and their back-office staff to manage and upload documents hassle free. These can then be associated with vehicles and transmitted instantly, triggering the iFace to download the document(s). The Easydocs application notifies the driver instantly when a new document is available. After the initial download, all documents are viewable even when out of communications range at any time – there is no downloading, streaming or buffering.

Easydocs delivers documents relevant to fleets or tasks; it allows an operator to tailor who gets what documents with the ability to select entire fleets or individual vehicles. Documents are automatically updated in the vehicle as the back-office make changes.

Easydocs helps operators distribute important internal documents to vehicles. Some vehicles may rarely return to the depot making it extremely difficult and timely to manage.

Documents are communicated over-the-air. Back-office office staff can upload documentation and it is instantly received by the iFace when within cellular connectivity range – no plugging in, no cables and no hassle.

Harmonise the process of documents in the operation with Easydocs – a real solution available now.


Key Features & Benefits

How can Electronic Documents help an operation?


Key Features

 Utilises the iFace, a 7″ in-vehicle touchscreen device for drivers to access documents.

 Operators, managers and back-office staff can upload and distribute documents via NextGen – further extends NextGen’s already feature-rich architecture.

 Upload and distribute documents to entire fleets or selected vehicles.

 Documents organised into folders, allowing drivers to easily navigate through and find the documents they require.

 Doubles as a document library – store all documents in one place.

 Documents communicated over-the-air, no cables or plugging in.

 Documents can be viewed at any time, even when out of communications range – no streaming, buffering or downloading.


Key Benefits

 Upload and distribute documents through a simple platform that is painless and straightforward.

 Electronic documents available quickly and easily – drivers no longer have to carry binders and folders full of documents around with them.

 Saves on the hassle and headaches of managing in-vehicle documents – operators will always know what documents a vehicle has on-board.

 Helps operators comply with regulatory documentation requirements of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).

 Does not require the driver to complete any action to download the documents – all managed through NextGen.

 Increase company wide communication channels to drivers.

 Cost effective electronic library for all operational documents in the cloud.


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