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Meet Forms; An application to help capture your
pre-defined paperwork, electronically and in real-time.

Make paperwork a thing of the past. Move forward into a paperless in-cabin experience and realise the benefits of real-time data.

Capturing information has been an issue for any transport company. With drivers constantly in and out of depots and often on the road for days at a time, it can be difficult to get information back in a timely fashion. Recording on paper can often be difficult, constantly being misplaced, damaged or illegible. What about the information that’s not being recorded? Fluid fill up levels, incident reports; the list goes on.

Created for the iFace, Forms is an application that collects and reports information instantly from the driver to the back-office. It’s simple. You’re able to provide an electronic input method for drivers to gather the information that matters most to you, your management team and your back-office staff.

The application allows you to create forms with structure, enabling a workflow for your drivers. Forms goes one step further with follow-ups, that allow you to define a further question that appears based on the answer the driver has given.

You have the control. Create and manage your own forms, and make them available for specific vehicles all from the back-office. With powerful back-office reporting and alerting, you gain
access to a wealth of information, all available once submitted
by the drivers.


Key Features & Benefits

  Create an unlimited number of forms with rich and engaging input.

  Extended level of input options, including photos, signatures and barcodes.

  Ability to set up follow-up questions based on the driver’s answers.

  Select the fleets you wish to receive the forms.

  Create, review and edit all forms from the one forms management area.

  Organised data presented in real-time reporting,
along with the ability to export to Excel.


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