journey planner route compliance geofence trips

Geofence Trips

A comprehensive geofence-based route building module.

NextGen’s geofence and tracking system gets supercharged.

Are you unable to calculate exact distance and travel times between jobs?
Are you tired of not knowing which depot or job holdups are costing you unrecoverable money?

NextGen’s exciting new module, Journey Planner, allows you to create Geofence-based trips to help manage routes effectively to boost operational productivity and efficiency. Design stop-by-stop routes your way, with vehicle travel times and durations all taken into account to build the most accurate journey reflective of your operation.

journey planner route compliance geofence trips

Quickly and Easily build routes

Access to the Journey Planner module, which allows you to create geofence-based routes with ease. Using the geofences that have been created in NextGen, you are able to build routes in multiple sequences to keep an eye on operational productivity and efficiency.

Intricate report details and complete trip summaries

The geofence trip data is communicated immediately to NextGen, which compiles into detailed reports. This provides immediate view of an individual geofence trip all plotted graphically onto a map, allowing you to breakdown the information easier than ever to make changes to the route to ensure optimal efficiencies.

journey planner route compliance geofence trips

journey planner

How Geofence Trips Can Improve Efficiency


Access to real journey durations to determine and monitor round trip time. This provides the ability to prepare pricing for customers. The route-builder will give you an estimated trip duration and trip distance allowing you to calculate pricing.

Discover which jobs or customers are causing delays. Provide evidence to your customers with reasons why trip times have increased if delays can be seen to be occurring at pickup or delivery points.


Accurate reallocation of driver shifts to help reduce delays. Provides the ability to identify queuing of trucks at pickup and delivery points. You are then able to see drivers that have been sitting in a truck waiting for the truck in-front to load or unload and stagger shift start times to avoid queueing delays.

Confirm delivery of loads from pickup to delivery point. Exact entry and exit information provide you with the ability to ensure the delivery or pick up tasks have been completed in a timely manner.


Analyse advanced reporting to spot trends in routes and journeys. Easily drill-down to specific information to spot inconsistencies and inefficiencies in routes with completely broken down data complete with location information, geofence detailing and waypoint data.

Ability to manage geofences and locations the way you want to. Ability to create geofences boundaries exactly where they are required using satellite view. Continue to set individual geofence attributes such as speed limits, or minimum and maximum durations according to your company rules, to monitor behaviour.


Benchmark routes to manage KPIs. NextGen’s reports allow you to benchmark trips taken by drivers to gain realistic and optimal route durations for each journey to ensure key performance indicators are met.


The Features of Geofence Trips

 Quickly and easily create journeys within a simple-to-use route builder.

 Detailed reports to help analyse routes.

 Individual journey event information providing a complete breakdown.

 Operates autonomously, requiring no driver interaction.

 Will integrate into Sentinel for fatigue management safe driving plans.

journey planner

What do I need?

Geofence Trips is bundled into Tracking Pack 3, so if you already have geofences in NextGen, you’ll now have access to Geofence Trips and the Journey Planner module.

The minimum requirements for Geofence Trips include:

NextGen back-office compliance reporting tool iface in-vehicle telematics journey-planner-large
Access to NextGen In-Vehicle iFace and/or IVU installed Journey Planner module


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